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Eddie Ross is one of today’s tastemakers on everything design. As a Season 2 Top Design finalist and former Martha Stewart Living editor, he has garnered quite the following. Recently, while Eddie was in Atlanta flea marketing with fellow bloggers, Steve and I were fortunate to sit down with him at Artaissance to talk about how his thoughts on art and how he incorporates it into his designs. We had a lot of fun and learned a little more about Eddie along the way – he’s a bundle of energy with a lot of passion for what he does and he’s inspired hundreds – no, thousands – of his readers to take a second look at their surroundings. Let us know if he’s inspired you!

erossbiltmore-3415356Where do you find your artwork – besides flea markets? There’s so much great, affordable art out there. I live in New York, so I love going to gallery openings, especially some of the lesser known ones around town. Student art sales are another great resource. Online, there’s Ebay and, of course, Artaissance!

When designing a space, when does the selection of art/framing come into play? Once I’ve figured out the overall look of a room, that’s when I bring art into the mix. Let’s say I’m doing a dining room that’s pretty modern but want to incorporate a more natural feel with a set of Audubon prints. If I frame them in wood, they might look too traditional for the room. That’s when I might opt for one of Larson-Juhl’s modern metal leaf frames in silver or a simple black.

erosslithograph-1034415Do you ever start with the art and build a design around it? Yes! In the New York apartment I share with my partner Jaithan, we certainly did. It was a set of black and white vintage lithographs that I had framed with Larson-Juhl’s “Academie” that then set the tone for a soothing palette of warm grays, together with accents of white and black.

Should art match the room it’s going in? I think it all depends on the look you’re going for. Sometimes, art is the focal point of a room wherein everything else should be much quieter. Other times, art is meant to enhance the design of a room and should complement its look and feel appropriately.

When designing a space, what do you look for in art—style, color, orientation, medium, or something else? When it comes to art, I’m pretty instinctual. It has to speak to me. That’s why I’ve always thought selecting art for a space is such a personal thing. It’s a bit like collections of objects that way. I have to really know and understand a client before I feel comfortable selecting art.

erosscalla-6051257How would you advise your blog readers to use the Artaissance site? With Artaissance, there’s no reason why anyone should have to live with blank walls! Not only are the prints beautiful, the site makes finding just the right piece so incredibly easy! 

What is your advice on how to build an art collection?Shop on line, go to the flea market, attend art openings and buy things you love! That’s what my friend Steve McKenzie with Larson-Juhl taught me. If you build a collection of pieces you love, they’ll always work together! 

Do you ever gift artwork? If so, how do you select something for someone else? Art can make a great gift, but I think you have to really know someone’s personal taste and style. With Artaissance, the selection is so varied, there’s something for everybody!  

What style of art do you prefer personally? I love black and white vintage lithographs, etchings, and drawings.

Now that you’ve sat in on the interview, come along with us for the behind the scenes tour!

While he was here, we were able to give Eddie a sneak peak at our brand new Biltmore Collection for Artaissance, and were thrilled when he commented “love it, love it, LOVE IT!”.

Thanks so much, Eddie…for your time, your insight, your ideas and also for being a design inspiration to so many! It was certainly our pleasure and we look forward to seeing you again soon!


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