ArtThatFits Blog » National Gallery and iPhone: an art-loving techie’s dream

The first of it’s kind. Ever. London’s National Gallery now has an iPhone app, called Love Art, that allows the user to scroll, instead of stroll, through over 250 of the Gallery’s most famous works. Not only to view, but…and this is the best part…there is a narration of each piece, describing the artist’s intention, technique and/or the painting’s history…complete with a British accent. Are you kidding me? Wow.

Along with the 250 works – categorized into themes such as Trust, Beauty, Honesty and Death – comes almost 200 minutes of audio commentary and video, including interviews with National Gallery Director, Nicholas Penny and Girl with a Pearl Earring author, Tracy Chevalier,

Take advantage of iPhone’s fabulous feautures (zoom, scrollable menus and touch-screen) to get up close and personal with Botticelli, Rembrandt, da Vinci, Van Gogh and many more Masters.

Love Art can be downloaded free of charge for a very limited time – go get it!

Thank you Antenna Audio, Pentimento and Apple Inc for sharing this amazing collection with us without our having to cross the pond. Just another incredible way to bring these masterpieces to yet another generation!


Anne (37)

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