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dsc06477-5039542Each year Southern Living magazine sponsors Idea Houses in 2-3 U.S. towns. My wife and I always go to those near us to see the latest trends in home-building and decorating. This year the Atlanta area Idea House is in the Achasta developement just minutes from historic Dahlonega, GA. Dahlonega is in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, so there are beautiful vistas.

Of course I always study the art and framing as I walk through design homes, or any other homes, for that matter. Imagine that! I have noticed for the past couple years there is a growing popularity in wall groupings. It was evident once again in the Idea House. As we entered each new room or turned a corner into a hall, where there was framed art, there were usually 4 or more pieces on display. Here are a few of the photos I took.



If you want to create wall groupings for your own home, ArtThatFits offers a great variety of art to choose from. Groupings can be created using any art you love. If you do want a matched set, versus a more random collection, check out the “companion” feature of the website.


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