ArtThatFits Blog » Tony Foster: Searching for a Bigger Subject

Tony Foster’s subjects can’t really get much bigger. 


His most recent exhibition highlights his documention of the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest – two of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World (depending on whom you might ask). Tony Foster: Searching for a Bigger Subject, opened on July 11th at the Phoenix Art Museum and is on view through October 18, 2009.  

As I detailed in a previous post, Foster is known for traveling to very remote locations around the world, under extreme conditions, to capture nature’s most awe-inspiring vistas in pencil and watercolor.

He writes, “All of my work is based on the philosophy that our planet is a gloriously beautiful but fragile place, and that as an artist it is my role to deliver a testament to the fact that wild and pristine places still exist.”

This is the closest I’ll ever get to Mt. Everest – thanks for being so brave, Tony!


Anne (37)

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