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You’ve probably seen beautiful cappuccino/latte foam designs showcased by talented baristas – or maybe you’ve followed the “Ultimate Barista Competition.” But, have you ever seen a portrait artist work in foam?

Barista/portrait artist, Michael Keen, owns Studio 6 Coffee, in Denver, CO where he dishes out these mini-masterpieces, regularly, at no extra charge; gotta love that! The Today Show […]

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Yesterday, I posed the question: Which art would AI’s judges and host gravitate to? And I think some creative soloutions were found. Now I’d like to do the same with the two finalists, Chris & Adam:
I find Kris Allen’s music to be very mellow and soulful, a relaxing experience. I adore his amazing interpretations of […]

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We know they all have extremely varied opinions and they’ve each had their favorite contestants throughout this exciting season of Fox’s Reality TV Hit, American Idol. So… this leads me to wonder: “What kind of art would the American Idol judges and host gravitate to?”
Over the past eight seasons (woah!) we’ve become familiar with these […]

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Created by J.J. Abrams, and the rest of the team behind “Star Trek,” Fox’s hit sci-fi series, “Fringe” explores the blurred line between the possible and impossible. The show just ended it’s second season with a finale that leaves many unanswered questions and audiences counting down the days until next season – coming this fall.

“Fringe” […]

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Celebrate Earth Day by taking a virtual tour of the HGTV Green Home 2009 dedicated to eco-friendly design. Interior designer Linda Woodrum designed a green home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where nature is in the details, especially the art.
As people make lifestyle choices reflecting their commitment to sustainability, many wonder how to bring art into […]

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Last night was a sad night for American Idol contestant, Megan Joy as she was sent “flying” with the lowest number of viewer votes.
She’s been a favorite of the judges since the beginning of American Idol season 8, and her unique sense of style really kept their attention focused on her throughout the entire audition […]

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Artaissance was fortunate enough to be selected by Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice set designers as the major art provider for the hit reality series, for the second season in a row! Now in its 8th season, 2nd for the Celebrity version, The Apprentice series has been a hit with business minded and reality TV fans […]

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