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It’s that time of year again – back to school… For many college freshmen, this means being on their own for the first time in their lives! For me, it meant independance and creating a space that was “ME.” That’s right, not only was I concerned with class schedules and sorority recruitment, I was ready to decorate my dorm room  🙂 

In the summer months leading up to college move-in weekend, I had perused the internet, stalked my local Target, requested any and all catalogs – all in hopes of finding the perfect pieces for my new space. Now, six years later, it’s my little sister’s turn.

Soon, my little sister, Lexi, will be a LSU tiger! Although I don’t think she’s quite as focused on dorm decor as I was, she and my mom have purchased all the necessities. Of course, everything matches Lexi’s shabby-chic dorm room style.

Hey Lexi, geaux tigers!

All of our doom room discussions got me to thinking – what’s she going to put on those walls?!? And what about all of the other freshman out there… perhaps they need some dorm room wall inspiration? I already know the PERFECT image for my lil sis:

“Fleur de Lis 10” by Maeve Harris

It’s just perfect to warm up those cold, harsh cinder block walls. Adding art is also a fantastic way to make a dorm room feel more like home and add some much-needed personality!

Here are a few other images, from Artaissance, perfect to add that designer touch to an otherwise plain dorm room, and with such a small price tag, you may be able to afford to add a couple warm touches:

“You Awaits You – Find Yourself” by Rodney White

“Poppies Pink” by Joseph Jackino

“Helicoptor” by Johnny Taylor

“Scenes from the Circus” by Kartina Whitney

“Goldfinch Aqua” by Thomaspaul

“Round 3” by Lee Crew

“Country Mile” by Liz Tran

“Romans” by Jill Meyer

As you can see, there are SO many ways to add a bit of fun and personality to the most bland of spaces – a freshman dormitory…

So, have fun, pick out art that speaks to you and your room will reflect your personality – making it a perfectly welcoming space to live and study, in hopes of making that 4.0!


Arlynn (17)

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