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Sonu Mathew, Senior Interior Designer for Benjamin Moore, started a new blog: Living in Color with Sonu, where she discusses anything and everything related to color and how it affects life and design. Color? Art? Can’t have one without the other.
Recently, Sonu attended the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York City. While there, she ran in to […]

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Frank Gonzales is an artist. An excellent artist. And I’d like to share him with you.

He paints organically…in more ways than one. Not only do natural elements like twigs, vines and leaves appear in his work, but his paintings truly seem to grow. To see his process is to get a great understanding of how his images […]

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Mary Cassatt was born on this day in 1844. She is considered to be one of the world’s best known female Impressionists. Today, Google commemorates her birth (and her life) with a Google Doodle.
I practically live on Google and was so excited to see this today. What a great way to enlighten those who may not have any reason […]

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Coming to theaters May 22nd, Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian brings much more than Ben Stiller to the silver screen. While I certainly wouldn’t consider this movie to be an example of high-brow, dramatic cinema of the arts….I am pleased to know that artwork by several Masters will be introduced to a younger crowd.
In the movie, […]

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“The Opportunist’s Guide to a Cut-Rate Market – Where the Deals are in Real Estate, Art & Stocks”.

This cover story in the May 4 issue of New York Magazine made me take a second look. I know that real estate and stocks are probably the most talked about topics when discussing the economy, but I was surprised to see “art” so […]

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Usually when one thinks of Cinco de Mayo, they think of sitting on a deck on a sunny May afternoon, sipping salt-rimmed margaritas, listening to a mariachi band…

….while that’s all well and good (really good), the actual reason we commemorate the 5th of May is to remember the Battle of Puebla, a significant victory for […]

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Knowing how much I love unexpected art sightings, a colleague of mine left this torn out article on the chair in my office. It’s from the April 2009 issue of Midwest Living. What I appreciate most about this being brought to my attention, is not just that Ally thought of me when she saw it, or […]

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When my April issue of House Beautiful arrived, I immediately dove into the feature story, “it’s time to GET COZY“. Cozy is such a comfy word. Doesn’t it conjure up the most inviting, relaxed thoughts and feelings? But I digress…
In the  section, I read about Cristine Gillespie and how she designed her cottage in Los Angeles with a […]

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Tony Foster is an extreme adventurer, avid protector/educator of the environment, and believe it or not…a dainty watercolor painter. Tony was born in England in 1946 and for the past 25 years, he has traveled to and lived in the world’s great wildernesses, including: rainforests, deserts, mountains and canyons; as well as the Arctic and the tropics.
Tony […]

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Barbie just turned 50… and Jonathan Adler designed her big-girl Dream House in Malibu. Commissioned by Mattel, Jonathan’s own dream came true as he gets “all up in Barbie’s business“. Now, if I were Barbie (and had super-long-out-of-proportion-legs-yes-I-am-jealous) I would really have fun selecting the artwork for my pad.

 Groovy numbers for the lounge?

How about a pink […]

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