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Art groupings are enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity. The last time groupings were this popular was probably back in the 70’s. Today’s groupings tend to be more interesting and varied than those of a few decades ago – some are very structured while others are freeform and a lot more innovative. 

trad-home-den-3-4348961The grouping to the right comes from Traditional Home magazine. There are a few creative things going on here. First, the display carries from one wall onto another that projects out from it. Typically, we see groupings all on one plane so this is a unique look. Second, a shelf was incorporated into the grouping. This provides a resting spot for two of the frames as well as a place for a 3-dimensional object. Both the shelf and the fact that the art is leaning adds dimension to the grouping. Third, the frame at the lower left is sitting on the floor, leaning onto the wall. This is a great look, but avoid using it in confined areas where it might be a happy-hour hazard. If the shelf was removed and the stool was pushed back to the wall, it could become an easel of sorts, with art displayed on the seat, leaning against the front of it, or both.

livingetc-bedroom-mirrors-2865987The grouping to the left consists of 9 identical framed mirrors. Matched sets – whether art, photos, or in this case mirrors – are generally hung in a structured grid. Depending on wall space, though, these groupings can be vertical or horizontal. Imagine these 9 pieces hanging side by side down a long wall in a room with a low ceiling. It would be really dramatic.

Nathan Thomas, the winner of Top Design 2008 ,created the free form grouping below. It features a combination of family photos as well as art. This type of grouping can be a lot more personal and can be added to, with ease.  This is a great way to group for a collector.

If you like to take risks and look to do things in an unconventional way, take a look at this grouping on the kitchen counter from Midwest Living. This grouping works best if you eat out a lot! If you are an animated cook, this may not be the best place to display art, but you can use the same concept of displaying art on ledges in other rooms. Do this on your mantel or on top of a buffet.

The most important thing is to surround yourself with the art you love. Whether you live in a small or large space, have expansive walls or not, there are numerous ways you can display all of your favorite pieces. With all the decorating magazines and cool websites to peruse for ideas, you are sure to be inspired and find the right concepts to use in your home.


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