2009 September 18 | ArtThatFits Articles

Doug Landreth is an incredibly talented artist and photographer who resides in Seattle, Washington.  Doug Landreth started snapping photos as a teen while on vacation in Europe. After Doug Landreth completed a marketing degree he moved to Santa Barbara to study photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography.  Doug Landreth’s talent was duly honored when he received the school’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

After graduating, Doug Landreth embarked on a successful career in advertising.  Over the years Doug Landreth did work for many well-known companies.  Doug Landreth received numerous prestigious awards for his work, including the Photoshop Guru award.  Over time Doug Landreth began creating his own unique art with his photography.  Doug Landreth utilizes an unusual process which involves combining layers upon layers of photos with interesting textures to create the final piece.  The finishing touch involves a glossy coat which both protects the art and also brings out the color even more vividly. 

The result that Doug Landreth produces is a beautiful work of photographic art which is absolutely gorgeous.  Doug Landreth is a master at creating stunning images which show emotional depth.   He shows off his unique art at various galleries across the USA.  Doug Landreth also continues to use his exceptional skills and talent for advertising jobs.

Doug Landreth – Papilio

Interesting and exotic doors, a single flower, bullfighters and butterflies are often the subjects of the art of Doug Landreth.  Many Doug Landreth works also include images from his travels throughout Asia and Europe.  Two pieces by Doug Landreth which are particularly spectacular are “Papilio” and “French Castle”.  The focal point of “Papilio” is a rare beautiful butterfly that has vivid blue wings with velvety black edges. 

“French Castle” is an incredible Doug Landreth image of a distant ancient castle sitting at the top of a lush European hillside.  If you are looking for exquisite unique art, the work of Doug Landreth is definitely the way to go.