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id1-1439229Some people are lucky to see crashing waves, mountain peaks, or endless stretches of prairie from their homes. At my house the view would be of the neighboring houses but even that is covered up by trees. If you don’t have much of a view either, you can create one with art. The framed art in the room to the left is a summery landscape. If your actual view is of a brick wall, paved road or something else you don’t care for or if you live in a colder climate with short summers, this type of art may be just the thing to uplift your spirits.

If you decide you want to create a new view in your home, size matters. The larger your art is, the better your view will be. If you use a small size, it will lack the impact to give the illusion of a view. When decorating rooms with very small windows or no windows (i.e. basements), choosing a large landscape can really help to open up the space and bring in a touch of the great outdoors.1120437-pat-meras-8842696                 



When selecting your view, you can pick art to represent your favorite time of the day, such as sunrise or sunset, your favortie season or even transport yourself to a different country simply by choosing a scene from there. You can even change your view during the year so you can enjoy more than one of your favorite scenes. The important thing is to surround yourself with things you love.


Greg (30)

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