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flower-mag-cover-fall-09-2110232Have you heard of Flower Magazine? It first ‘bloomed’ in March of 2007. Since then, this quarterly publication has inspired, educated and delighted flower enthusiasts around the world. With a wide reach, it is geared toward those who make a living doing anything with flowers to those who simply like to arrange the occasional bouquet.

Conceived by Margot Shaw, on the heels of her daughter’s wedding, this great resource offers the following regular features:

  • Mimi’s Mechanics: how-to articles for making simple and spectacular arrangements with mechanics editor Mimi Brown
  • Flower Shop: retail opportunities for all things floral
  • Artist in Bloom: profiles of artists who capture the beauty of flowers in any medium
  • Flower Show: showcasing all sorts of exquisite arrangements
  • They Had a Ball: a spotlight on the floral decor and artistry at these elegant annual events
  • Not So Prim Rose: penned by Rose Bush, flower’s own irreverent columnist
  • Wedding Flowers, Favors & Food: unique details and creative touches from seasonal weddings

flower-mag-feature-fall-09-3358078I’d like to point out a particular item in Flower Shop…on page 14, in the Fall 2009 issue. Illustrating that floral art has long been a way to live with flowers in one’s home, two Artaissance prints, reproduced from etchings in the LuEsther T. Mertz library at the New York Botanical Garden, are featured as examples. (Click the image twice to see the full page.)



Flore d’Amerique #4


Merian Still Life #2

There are so many different shapes, sizes, colors and styles of flowers as well as art. When combining the two, the options are endless for bringing the outdoors in.

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You can read more about the popularity and staying power of floral art in the recent issue of Art Business News.

As is true with all forms of art, it’s an expression of the artist’s soul and subconscious. When the artist is Mother Nature, that expression resonates like no other.


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