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I received a fabulous book, A Child’s Book of Art, at one of my baby showers before my daughter was born, almost 2 years ago. It’s a big beautiful picture book that unfortunately didn’t fit upright in the bookcase in the nursery. So it sat…flat and forgotten…under a basket filled with wooden rattles, shape sorters […]

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I have a deep admiration for any artist who can skillfully create a likeness of a person. For me, Rembrandt created some of the most exquisite portraits ever made. I am deeply inspired by them, but try as I might, I never have achieved the results I keep hoping for in my own work. I […]

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If walls could talk…what’s your story? Get inspired with Better Homes and Gardens  July edition featuring style made simple in a Picture Show produced by designer John Loecke. As he says, “Good taste need not be expensive, but it should be expressive!” Many question how to add some personality to living rooms with above-the-sofa-art arrangements. Here, 3 stylishly […]

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Alberto Giacometti is one of my all-time favorite artists. I was 18 when I first encountered his work and purchased a print. It may have been the same image you see below, to the right. If not, it was very similar to it. I enjoyed it for years but eventually it got damaged in a move.
A few years […]

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According to the LA Times arts blog, “Culture Monster,” a new art-focused reality TV series is in the works for Bravo TV network.

The premise of the show is much like “Project Runway“ and “Top Chef.” 13 contestants, through various challenges (sculpture, painting, photography, etc.), compete to win a gallery exhibition, cash prize, sponsored national tour, and a […]

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Each year Southern Living magazine sponsors Idea Houses in 2-3 U.S. towns. My wife and I always go to those near us to see the latest trends in home-building and decorating. This year the Atlanta area Idea House is in the Achasta developement just minutes from historic Dahlonega, GA. Dahlonega is in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains, so […]

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Tony Foster’s subjects can’t really get much bigger. 

His most recent exhibition highlights his documention of the Grand Canyon and Mount Everest – two of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World (depending on whom you might ask). Tony Foster: Searching for a Bigger Subject, opened on July 11th at the Phoenix Art Museum and is on view […]

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As the Rodin Museum undergoes a facelift this summer, one of Auguste Rodin’s best-known sculptures, The Thinker, will be temporarily displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


While the limestone facade of the Rodin Museum is being restored, The Thinker can be found in the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Great Stair Hall until it can be safely returned […]

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I’m drawn to the artistic story behind photography. It was Annie Leibovitz  who inspired me to pursue fine art studies in photography long ago. As an observer, I loved seeing beyond the surface image and the flat portrait, to the beauty and magic that was conceived by the artists vision, the subject and their stylized set. In […]

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On the heels of Independence Day, as I think of patriotism, family, communities and American art, Norman Rockwell and his iconic images have to fit in somewhere.

Rockwell (1894-1978) created over 4,000 original works, 322 of which appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post. He was an illustrator; a storyteller during what some might consider America’s […]

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