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Art is a gift you give yourself. I love what art is, how it’s created, the minds behind the creation, and the application. I deeply appreciate artists and the gifts they share with the rest of us even more, not being an artist myself. I lived all over the world as a child and was exposed to many different cultures and styles – all of which helped shape my outlook on life, including my appreciation for art, people, food, design, travel, city life, country life and everything in between. As a former Interior Design student, fine art gallery owner, artist agent and current Art Manager for Artaissance, I am so grateful that art has presented itself to me.

I need, admire and most j’adore: Art, integrity, humor, design, beauty, architecture, travel, vision, wit, generosity, artful living, form, Fall leaves at sunset, my family, chill music, perspective, continually learning, mountains, antique marketing, quotes, etiquette, vintage, creativity, style, entertaining, independence, books and more bookcases, nature, culture…and a dash of the unexpected.

Art is my passion! I am constantly in search of and exploring new art forms as well as studying art from the past. I am fortunate that my passion for art blends seamlessly with my professional life as CEO of Larson-Juhl. I travel the world with my work, and I always squeeze in an art experience no matter where my travels take me. For years, I was a “closet artist,” but thanks to the encouragement of friends, I had my first gallery showing in 2006. As an artist, I am inspired by the world around me and the art of others. Through this blog, I hope to share what inspires me through what I see and experience.

I am always torn between “living to work” and “working to live”. I love my free time but I have a workaholic nature and seem to always find more projects. But the ultimate ways to spend my free time are making art or traveling. Twice a year I combine those passions on art treks to New Mexico and Florida. I enjoy living in metro Atlanta, but love when I have a chance to escape to places like New Zealand or Alaska. Wherever I am, no matter what I am doing, I consciously or subconsciously am gathering ideas I can apply to my art or some other part of my life.

As a newfound art appreciator and pop culture addict, I love learning about the process of art creation and how it fits into today’s lifestyles. I pour over interior design/lifestyle magazines & blogs, love reality TV, social networking and learning how all of these pieces fit together to create the art of life! Lucky for me, I’ve become immersed in the art & design industry through my position as Public Relations for Artaissance & Larson-Juhl; where my interests are nurtured through my contact with amazing art, artists, editors & designers. Each day I strive to learn more about how art fits into our lives and I look forward to sharing my unique perspective with you through this blog.