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I’ve received a lot of great questions, off-line, about art – even if just barely art-related. It is always my pleasure to share my training, my experience, my eye, my ideas/suggestions and basically anything I know with anyone who might ask. So, if you ever come up against the following questions or any others about art, please […]

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Eddie Ross is one of today’s tastemakers on everything design. As a Season 2 Top Design finalist and former Martha Stewart Living editor, he has garnered quite the following. Recently, while Eddie was in Atlanta flea marketing with fellow bloggers, Steve and I were fortunate to sit down with him at Artaissance to talk about how his thoughts on art and how he […]

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While in Atlanta 2 weekends ago shopping Scott’s Flea Market with me, Eddie Ross (one of Bravo TV’s Top Design contestants and former Martha Stewart Living editor) stopped by  the Artaissance studio and gallery to have a discussion about art and its role in the home interior. To see the full interview and get this tastemaker’s perspective check back later […]

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Sometimes It is challenging to find the perfect piece of art. Just when you think you have found it, you may start to second guess whether it is the right size for your needs. When it comes to art, size does matter, but bigger isn’t always better! In some cases smaller pieces will be better suited to your needs. Unfortunately […]

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I received my January/February issue of Metropolitan Home over the holidays. It is one of my favorites and I look forward to receiving each issue. I love its modern sensibility and the minimalist rooms they always have gracing the pages. This issue is especially beautiful as it is dedicated to White as a design statement. I knew […]

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When I unravel my Sunday paper, I automatically hoarde the following sections: Living & Style, Arts & Leisure, Travel, Business, and Parade. Those are a given. Although, this Sunday, something else caught my eye – in the Homefinder section. Since I’m not looking to buy a home anytime soon, only a select few keywords would […]

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