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Its time to celebrate! 2008 with all its adventures is coming to a close and its time to enjoy a fabulous New Year Celebration for 2009 with friends and family. If you’re the host looking for a clever, interactive way to have a little fun with flavor or the happy guest to attend looking for […]

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Work by accomplished artist Alfredo Arreguin can be seen in many places around the country as well as in Mexico, where he is from. To learn more about Alfredo’s story and his magnificent work, check out this video. Be sure to see his current exhibits, in person, if you find yourself in either of these two cities:

Seattle, WA – Linda Hodge’s […]

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My good friend, Eddie Ross, Top Design contestant and former Martha Stewart Living editor is coming to Atlanta! Eddie is coming to shop Scott’s Antique Market on January 10th and 11th. We both love to flea market and try to get to Scott’s at least once a year. We are going with a specific mission this […]

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Decorating is such a talent and my good friend Eddie Ross is certainly gifted in this arena. Eddie was a contestant on the fall season 2 of Top Design on Bravo TV. In addition he has a fantastic blog. I find new inspiration everyday and always finish reading with new ideas on decorating and entertaining. Eddie has […]

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As the Art Manager for Artaissance, I have the pleasure of working with many (135+) gifted artists. Without a doubt, I admire each and every one of them for their talent. I am also fascinated by their stories. Their very personal stories. Through their work, they share their individual styles, inspirations, techniques and experiences. Fortunately, for all of us, […]

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Aside from art, there were lots of interesting things to see…like the people. The Art Basel attendees come for many reasons. But, generally, there are three categories of visitors: 1) Those who come because they have an inherent interest in art. That’s me. 2) Those who come with the desire and ability to invest in million $$ items. Ummm…not me.

3) Those who […]

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Your thoughtfulness, in the hands of a creative custom framer, can produce the most memorable gifts of all this holiday season. Instead of trooping out to those 4 a.m. door buster sales selling trinkets in mass, you can look to personalize your special gift for that someone special on your list.
Personally, it’s sometimes hard to […]

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A stairway is the main path between the various levels of many homes. It is also an area a lot of people don’t have a clue what to do with when it comes to decorating with framed art. If you are a member of that club, it’s important to know there are no rules. If there aren’t rules, you can’t break rules. […]

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The Art was spectacularly contemporary, with several trends worth noting. Several elements were repeated throughout the show, which will set the tone of what becomes more accessible in the marketplace over the next 5 years, if not already available. Think runway shows in Paris and Milan. While you won’t see the designers’ intended full-on outfit on […]

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This will have to be part 1 of a couple of posts…there was so much to see and experience!

From BIG and BOLD (Andy Warhol’s cows):

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