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If you’re like me, one of the first signals that the holiday season has truly begun is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I remember sitting dangerously close to the TV screen, eyes glued to the floats, balloons and performers all coming together to make something magical.


This year, Macy’s will unveil several new character balloons including Spider Man, the Pillsbury Doughboy and Sailor Mickey. I, for one, cannot wait to see how perfectly portrayed that sweet Doughboy is when filled with more than 12,000 cubic feet of helium! And what an iconic symbol of our Thanksgiving festivities – hoohoo (in the Doughboy’s voice, of course)!


If you’d like to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and perhaps catch a glimpse of a few of the magnificent new balloons, take a look at the video below:

So, you know what I’ll be doing at 9am Thanksgiving morning… same thing I have been for the last 20 years or so – watching the parade! What will you be doing?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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I grew up in Minnesota. As a kid, I remember seeing scarecrows in fields. They were quite basic, but I thought they were fascinating.

In recent years, it seems people are getting much more creative with their scarecrow designs. Now they are often used purely for decoration in yards as opposed to actually being put in fields to scarecrows away. They have become art.


It wasn’t until I started traveling that I realized scarecrows weren’t just used where I am from. It is interesting to see how they are interpreted in other areas. Notice the surfer scarecrow.

I was really surprised when I saw scarecrows in a park in Japan. You haven’t lived until you have seen a scarecrow in a kimono!



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I’ve been thinking a lot about this year’s Thanksgiving menu, mainly because I’ll be hosting the BIG dinner at my house this year – yikes! I’m so excited about hosting my family, that my table has been set for over a month. Seriously. Check it out:



Now in defense of my too-early-table-setting offense, I was also anxious because this is my & the Hub’s brand new dining table, our first real, big piece of furniture, thanks to some great friends of our family! So, as you can see, I couldn’t wait to see it perfectly set for the Autumn season, waiting for a dinner party.

Since the table is set and ready to go (okay, so I may have to dust a few things off), I’m now in full-on menu-planning mode, and I’ve been looking everywhere for inspiration: Food Network, Food & Wine magazine and now art! I could practically put a whole Thanksgiving supper together based just on food & beverage themed art  icon_smile-6685866

Before the cooking begins, you’ll need to locate all of the ingredients necessary to formulate the perfect Thanksgiving meal. I think this beautiful photograph takes care of that item on the list. If only my grocery shopping were so picturesque…


“Spices and Pasta – Sienna” by Georgia Sheron

Next, on to the wine & first course – I think this looks simply delicious:


“First Course” by Georgia Sheron

Check! To your side dishes… How about some lovely asparagus, squash & sweet peas?!?


“Vermillion Asparagus” by Soraya Chemaly


“Squash 1” by OM


“Pea Pods” by Soraya Chemaly

Finally, it’s time for dessert. And what’s more appropriate for Thanksgiving but a pie?!?


“Pie Stalker” by T.L. Lillick

There you have it – almost an entire Thanksgiving meal comprised of artwork! And without those excess calories, ha icon_smile-6685866


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As you browse through all of the art images available at, remember that the framing you choose can help the art tie to your decor and personal style. The art shown here is from my “De La Mundo” series on the site. The original is a paper collage I made from papers I picked up, literally in the streets, in different countires. The giclee prints here at Artaissance can be produced on paper or canvas, and in sizes ranging from petite to oversize.

Your framing options will vary when you have art on paper versus canvas. For example, paper art is generally matted and art on canvas isn’t. Canvas can be ordered in larger sizes than paper so if you want a lot of impact directly from the art, canvas is a great choice. If you like the look of matting to serve as a break between the art and its surroundings, art on paper is a better option. Whichever you select, you generally have some flexibility to be either subtle or dramatic, light or dark and contemporary or traditional. Custom framing offers many wonderful alternatives to provide you with the perfect look for your home and lifestyle.


As you see in the six examples shown here, frames come in various widths and styles. Also, mat borders can be various widths but it’s important not to skimp. Narrow borders crowd the art and can cheapen the overall look. Generous mat borders provide breathing space, actually allowing you to enjoy the art more, without interference from everything around it.

Visit to see a broad selection of frame mouldings. If you don’t currently have a local custom framer you have used for your framing needs, use the handy zip code referral to find one in your area. Rather than settling for preframed art off the shelf, get exactly what you want.


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“What was any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself – life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose.”

~ Willa Cather, American author (1873-1947)


Willa Cather, 1936

I appreciate how Cather thinks of life and art, and how one captures fleeting moments by “imprisoning” them and “moulding” them into art. This quote immediately made me think of Kristin Nelson’s village scenes, like this image below, buzzing with life and energy all captured into a moment, translated into art:


“Santa Fe Smiling” by Kristin Nelson


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img_image-w-2017220I love seeing the different ways people incorporate art into their lives. While perusing the internet, I came across Carl Warner’s website. This man is a genius with food. For example the image to the left is a “landscape” he created using stalks of celery for the trees. When each scene is complete, he photographs it. All these years I have just been eating my food. Of course I did make a macaroni picture one time in grade school!

img_image-w1-9700331In this image trees were made from broccoli, while strawberries, lemons and other fruits were used for the hot air balloons. The “crops” in the fields were created from corn on the cob, cucumbers and asparagus.

img_image-w2-2832919The sea in this picture was made from salmon fillets and the small boat in the “water” is peas in their shell. The rock outcroppings are crusty bread and the rocky beach is potatoes.

Just imagine the countless hours Warner spends setting up these elaborate landscapes. I do appreciate his talent but I think I will stick to just eating  food!


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The highlight of the recent 20th anniversary celebration of the great fall of the Berlin wall was actually encompassed by art. That’s right, art. Over 1,000, eight foot tall styrofoam blocks were decorated by young artists from Berlin and all over the world – each creating a Berlin wall-themed domino.

All 1,000 dominoes were lined up, following the same path of the Berlin wall, creating a symbolic wall to be toppled over on November 9th, 20 years to the day of the unification of East and West Germany. The lined-up dominoes created a 1.2 mile border, right along the lines of the original wall. Watch the video below to see what happens after the dominoes have all been lined up. Thousands gathered in the heart of Berlin & one push was all it took:

Click here & here to learn more about this amazing commemoration celebration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.


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                                                THEN: cm-16-1-1177_img_assist_custom-5141981When I was a kid my Mom bought me Paint by Number kits to keep me occupied when I was sick enough to stay home from school. If we went to the drug store to get cough syrup or whatever else I needed, I recall stopping in the toy aisle to choose which painting I wanted to get. I know at the time I was very proud of those paintings, but since then I have never really paid attention to them again.

NOW: I was surprised to find out that the Smithsonian actually had a show featuring Paint by Number art in 2002. The show was called “Paint by Numbers: Accounting for Taste in the 1950’s.” 

Now that time has passed, I can see that many of these paintings are as kitschy as I thought they were, but others are surprisingly quite nice. Paint by Numbers artwork has become a sought after collectible in the past couple decades. The pieces shown here have some good artistic qualities.

 A nice custom frame design can do wonders to help these paintings look up to date and even stylish. For example, look at the framing below on the left. It looks tired and dated. To the right, I have digitally inserted the same art into a present day frame design to show the transformation. If you have hung onto your old Paint by Number artwork, your local custom framer can work magic with it too!



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Veterans Day is a time for reflection and appreciation. In an effort to show the much appreciated veterans in our own lives how thankful we are for the sacrifices they make for us and our country, we’d like to share this great video…

Of course this wouldn’t be much of an “ArtThatFits” blog post without a small tribute in the form of art as well. Here are a few selected images that portray our especially patriotic feelings on this special day…




Thank you to our veterans and thank you for sharing your day of reflection with us. Happy Veterans Day!


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One of the great things about art today is the sense of self and personality artists are putting into their work. In my opinion the art market reached a low point in the 80s. Many of the images that were available as prints were trite and overly commercial in the sense many artists seemed to be inspired by popular decorating and color schemes versus their own interests and intuition. As an artist, art admirer, and collector I always find myself studying art. Although there is amazing diversity within today’s popular art images, there are also some overlapping trends that seem to appear time and time again. Please don’t confuse trends with trendiness. Many trends throughout time have gone on to become classics.

The 4 art trends I see taking place today are (these are my names and/or descriptions):

Glorifying Everday Objects or Scenes1122957-jm-steele1-6345818

An example of this trend is J.M. Steele’s “Hot Dog #1 shown at right. In this case the hot dog takes center stage, but all kinds of average everyday things are becoming the focal point in pieces of art.

Using Unexpected Colors1122941-bonita-williams20goldberg-5254256

Bonita Williams-Goldberg is just one of the artists who are taking traditional subjects and updating them with unexpected color combinations. At least I have never looked out my window and seen a landscape like we see to the right in her “Unique Vision” painting.

Closeups of Objects or Patterns1123187-david-dauncey-9651716

Today it is popular to focus on what at one time would have been a portion of a piece of art. In some cases the closeups become somewhat of an abstraction and in other art they are still recognizable as the original subject. David Dauncey’s “Sentinel 2″ shows this trend.

Color Blocking1122288-jb-hall-7832734

A lot of artists are dividing their canvases into smaller areas, filled with disctinct colors and patterns. JB Hall’s “Twists 4″ is a prime example but this same technique takes on entirely different looks in other works

Following are more examples of these trends. As you will see, each artists spins the trend in their own special way.

Glorifying Everday Objects or Scenes


Using Unexpected Colors


Closeups of Objects or Patterns


Color Blocking


Again, these are trends as I see them. I am not sharing them with you so you base your art-buying decisions on them. I just find it fun to compare different pieces of art.


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