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I’d like to introduce a fabulous friend and colleague of the Artaissance team, Ms. Tracey Smith:

Tracey is such a fun person, who lives life to the fullest! I knew she’d be up to the challenge of sharing one of her favorite things about her current home state of Colorado. Read below & learn why Tracey loves all things cold in America’s favorite winter playground…

Whether you enjoy cold, snowy weather or not, the beauty of this season is undeniable – look at these gorgeous mountains:

Personally, I’m a huge fan of all things snowy, mountainous and icicle-ish. Crazy to love the cold? Maybe. But for me it’s more than the temperature, it’s the view. There’s something so serene about an almost artful layer of fluffy white snow over the trees, fences and meadow views. Even if only for a brief second, snow means peace.

Of course, there’s the shoveling, the scraping, the driving and the bundling. However, I like to focus on the brief second rather than the three hours. Or, in other words, living up in the mountains, I like to see my cup of hot cocoa as half full.

Here are some other beautiful winter landscapes – hope you enjoy them!

“Carmel Valley Winter” by Miguel Dominguez

“Winter Landscape” by Sandra Pratt

“December Foothills” by Miguel Dominguez


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