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Mexican Artist Alfredo Arreguin “Frida in Flames” on Canvas

Alfredo Arreguin, the Seattle artist, was born in Morelian, Michoacan, Mexico in 1935 and moved to Mexico City thirteen years later. Moving to the Pacific Northwest in his twenties, the artist Alfredo Arreguin notes Mexico, and the people who live there, to have inspired him. Painting famous Mexican citizens has become a strong theme throughout the paintings of artist Alfredo Arreguin. Though artist Alfredo Arreguin’s portraits and landscapes directly relate to his heritage, his background has influenced more than the artist Alfredo Arreguin’s subject matter. The colors Alfredo Arreguin uses as an artist relate directly back to the Mexican landscape that he treasures.

In one of the most famous works by the artist Alfredo Arreguin, Frida In Flames, the complex use of bright images to create Alfredo Arreguin’s artistic impression of the famed Frida Kahlo seem to form a tapestry. The images Alfredo Arreguin uses as an artist to make up Kahlo’s portrait include mask-like faces, patterned tiles and vegetation, all of which have a definite ancient Aztec style to them. An artist with a strong command of color, Alfredo Arreguin has an artist’s masterful way of creating large images out of smaller icons. Looking at the palate of bright colors the artist Alfredo Arreguin uses, one can’t imagine how the small tile-like images come together to make up the details of Kahlo’s likeness in Alfredo Arreguin’s artistic painting.

“The Magic Realist”, artist Alfredo Arreguin is one of the most well-known living artists today. Paintings by artist Alfredo Arreguin hang in such prestigious places as National Academy of Sciences, The Smithsonian, Tucson Museum of Art, and The Mexican Museum in San Francisco. Of their acquisition of “Sueño (Dream: Eve before Adam)” by Alfredo Arreguin, the artist, the Smithsonian rated it, “one of its seven most important acquisitions from among more than 600 works of art collected by the museum in 1994.” Alfredo Arreguin continues to inspire artists today.