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“Jeux de Corps V” Helene Crecent 

As an avid art lover, I need art for my house like a fish needs water. Because I’m on a budget, I can’t afford original art for my house – as much as I would love to! I’ve always been open to the idea of reproductions, but I outgrew the “poster” phase years ago. For years that left me stuck, without the art for my house that I truly loved.

So you can imagine my euphoria when I recently discovered that fine art giclee prints were both affordable and beautiful ways to buy art for my house. Giclee art prints are far more upscale than the posters we all grew up with as children. In fact, giclees and posters can’t even compare. Giclee art prints achieve unsurpassed accuracy of color, subtle gradation of hues, and superior quality of substrate (canvas or paper). When I buy this kind of art for my house, I know I will appreciate and cherish it for a lifetime.

Now this is the type of art for my house that I can afford! Although it is a reproduction, this kind of art for my house is such high-quality that it is often hard to tell prints from originals. When I buy a reproduction of art for my house, I want to be able to see every detail and subtle nuance that the artist created in the piece. I want art for my house to beam with the energy and essence that the artist intended.

As an art lover constantly seeking new art for my house, I can attest that Artaissance offers a wide selection of art for my house that reflect my style and taste. With over 3300 artworks in their collection, I haven’t even begun to see everything that they have available. Whenever I need new art for my house, I know exactly where to go.

Thanks to Artaissance, I now own a continually growing collection of contemporary art for my house!