2009 September | ArtThatFits Articles – Part 4

If you have never seen the incredible work of Massachusetts-based artist Ann Christensen, you have really been missing out. Ann Christensen is a remarkably talented artist who specializes in creating beautiful idyllic landscapes with simple brush strokes and vivid colors. Ann Christensen paintings gently flow with elegant simplicity. They draw you in while eliciting an amazing calm. You can easily get lost in the tranquil countrysides for which Ann Christensen is known.

Ann Christensen is a master at transforming a seemingly simple subject, such as a house or body of water, into the eye-catching focal point of each work. Creative use of color, subtle perspective, and stunning skies are hallmarks of Ann Christensen art.

“Smile” Ann Christensen

Many Ann Christensen paintings include a small building or two in lush surroundings. “Smile” is an Ann Christensen piece which depicts barn resting against an encroaching forest of evergreens. The sky looks down with clouds that seem to smile over the broad expanse of field and distant mountains. This Ann Christensen piece is ideal for an outdoor lover.

Another one of my favorite Ann Christensen works is aptly titled “Rendevous”. This thought-provoking Ann Christensen piece shows a simple dirt road surrounded by lush green pastures and farm outbuilding. In this scene Ann Christensen brilliantly taps into your emotions and imagination, allowing you to ponder what lies ahead just beyond the horizon.

Of all the Ann Christensen paintings I have seen, “East / West” is my most favorite. This stunning work hints of autumn with vivid red foliage in the foreground, and a peaceful lake in the distance. Ann Christensen makes brilliant use of contrasting bold red and soft light blues in this particular painting.

Ann Christensen’s “Rendezvous”

Ann Christensen art is perfect if you especially love paintings that are not overly busy but are rich with color. The paintings of Ann Christensen would definitely be stunning accents to almost any room in your home. There are many Ann Christensen pieces to choose from so you should easily find one that you love.

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Dale Payson is a very talented New York artist who spent much of the 1960s studying art. She attended the well-known School of Visual Arts there and later become one of its art teachers. After teaching, Dale Payson spent many years working as a freelance artist. Dale Payson’s creative works of art grace the pages of over two dozen books for kids.

Dale Payson’s “Dairy Farm I”

Dale Payson’s art has earned many awards. Well known companies such as Dunkin Donuts display Dale Payson art. Some of Dale Payson’s work is also included in the Kerlan Collection; a prestigious collection of children’s literature housed at the University of Minnesota.

Dale Payson’s art is refreshingly creative and unique. Dale Payson focuses primarily on still life paintings. Floral bouquets bursting with color are one of her specialties. Other frequent subjects of Dale Payson’s work include fruit, dishware and vases, sea shells and cows. One of Dale Payson’s amazing gifts is her ability to transform these common objects into beautiful pieces on canvas with the stroke of a brush. The art of Dale Payson ranges from soft understated pastels to explosively bright colors.

There are several pieces by Dale Payson which I find especially spectacular. My all time favorite is Dale Payson’s “Pink and Green”. This painting depicts a gorgeous bouquet of brightly colored flowers. Her rich use of color in this painting is particularly noteworthy.

Dale Payson “Luscious Pears”

Another Dale Payson favorite of mine is titled “Luscious”. This creative work shows several golden-hued pears set against the stark contrast of a black velvet-like background. Dale Payson’s use of light and color in this painting is amazing.

One other Dale Payson painting which is particularly interesting is her “Pink and White Chiba Bowls”. This eye-catching still life is of a variety of bowls, dishes, and vases. Dale Payson uses delicate pastels with the exception of one deep blue vase.

The fine art work of the very talented Dale Payson would be a beautiful addition to the décor of any home. If you have not seen her work and love still life art, you definitely need to check out the artwork of Dale Payson.

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If you want to enhance your home’s décor with stunning views of pastoral country sides then you must consider David Marty art.  David Marty art is influenced by a combination of French Impressionism and the breathtaking Pacific Northwest scenery where the artist lives.  David Marty art consists of soft brushstrokes and brilliant use of color and light.  The idyllic scenes portrayed in David Marty art will elicit feelings of tranquility as you find yourself lost in them.  The art of David Marty is a great way to enhance your home’s décor. 

 When it comes to David Marty art, there are several pieces that are especially spectacular.  Each one shows his artistic genius. David Marty art takes ordinary landscapes and transforms them into magical places.  When you look at David Marty art, it will no doubt fondly remind you of somewhere you have once been. 

“Summer Dreamin”

“Summer Dreamin” is a David Mary art piece that is reminiscent of a carefree summer day at the river.  The gently flowing river is lined with soft green banks in this beautiful work of David Marty art.  Another beautiful summer scene in the collection of David Marty art is titled “Almost There”.  This stunning oil has a country road slowly curving through luscious trees.  A vivid blue sky with fluffy soft white clouds completes the warm feel of this David Marty art piece. 

David Marty’s “Sundown”

The David Marty art piece aptly titled “Sundown” depicts an incredible sunset with brilliant gold and orange hues reflecting on the glassy surface of a lake.  “Sundown” is truly one of the most stunning works of David Marty art.  Another exquisite piece of David Marty art is his “October Reflection”.  As the title suggests, a quiet lake mirrors the golden-leaved trees lining its banks in this David Marty art piece. 

These are just a small representation of David Marty art.  There are many more dazzling works to choose from for your decorating needs.  If you are looking for elegant and tasteful art, then David Marty art is the perfect choice. 

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The art of David Marty is truly breathtaking.  His unique style gently blends rich colors to create idyllic landscapes.  David Marty paintings are consistently tranquil in their stunning beauty. 

David Marty is a California native initially from Palo Alto.  David Marty was a student of art at three different colleges including Scottsdale Artist’s School.  He initially worked as an illustrator for a publishing company in California and also did some work as a graphic designer.  David Marty later had his own studio in which he continued his design work.  In recent years David Marty has been oil painting which is his passion.  French Impressionism has been one of the key inspirations for David Marty’s art.  

Breathtaking scenery – David Marty’s “Alpine Hike”

David Marty and his family make their home in Edmonds, Washington.  The exquisite scenery of the Pacific Northwest is often reflected in David Marty’s paintings.  One in particular, David Marty’s stunning “Alpine Hike”, does this beautifully.  It portrays a gently sloping mountain side complete with blooming lavender flowers and towering evergreen trees. 

David Marty’s Autumnal “Golden Strand”

Another spectacular David Marty work is “Golden Strand”, which shows a beautiful autumn scene.  In the center is a small grove of trees with gold foliage surrounded by lush green pasture.  David Marty masterfully utilizes a softly overcast sky for the background.  A small stream of water gently reflects the cloudy sky, giving this David Marty painting a wonderfully calm, quiet mood.

David Marty has an amazing way with softly flowing brush strokes of incredible color.  Many of David Marty’s pastoral scenes utilize bold colors while others use a delicate combination of soft hues to draw you in.   If you love peaceful nature scenes, you definitely must check out the art of David Marty.  A David Marty painting will add an elegant touch to any living room, dining room, family room or office.

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Kathy Croson’s “Autumn Tryptich 1”

Decorating with art is one of the best ways to personalize your home.  Decorating with art is also a great way to liven up a room with color and style. Decorating with art can be easy and fun, even if you have never done it before.  If you are not sure how to go about decorating with art, here are some simple tips to keep in mind.

 One of the first tips for decorating with art is to do it one room at a time.  Each room in your home has a style and function, so decorating with art should follow suit.  When you are decorating with art, consider those two things along with the overall color theme of the room.  For example, if your dining room has a finely detailed antique table and chairs, decorating with art that is bold and abstract will most likely clash. 

“The Sound of Love” Leonardo Lanzolla

Decorating with art starting with wall hangings is a great place to start.  Decorating with art by hanging a framed painting or photograph above a bed or sofa can quickly bring a room to life.  When decorating with art, as mentioned previously, use colors that compliment the room’s color theme. 

Another thing you want to consider when decorating with art is the general mood you want to set for each room.  When decorating with art, choose art that fits with the ambience you want for that room.  For example, if your den is where you want to have peace and quiet for reading, then decorating with art such as tranquil landscapes or soft flowers will help elicit that mood. 

“Yellow Canoe, South of France” Keith Wicks

When decorating with art remember that color also affects mood.  Bright, vivid colors are great when decorating with art for the game room or family room.  Soft pastels or gentle hues may fit better when decorating with art for your den or bedroom.  Ultimately, when decorating with art, choose art that makes you feel good.  If you do that, you can’t go terribly wrong when decorating with art!

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If your home has a game room, then you probably want the right game room artwork to provide that special touch. Since game rooms are meant for fun, then game room artwork should also be fun. The perfect game room artwork can brighten and liven up this room where you gather with family and friends. Like the rest of your home décor, you no doubt want your game room artwork to be an eye-catching and tasteful accessory.

Vickie Marie Stolsen “Trouve 162”

You may enjoy choosing game room artwork that fits with a certain theme. Picking a theme will help you choose the perfect game room artwork which pulls everything together. There are many themes you can choose for your game room artwork. The theme for your game room artwork may focus around a primary event or activity, such as playing pool or card games, serving cocktails, or watching sports or movies on a large screen TV. There are many great pieces of game room artwork that will go well with any of these themes.

For example, game room artwork depicting a baseball game would be perfect for a family of sports lovers. If there’s a pool table, game room artwork with a billiards theme would be a perfect fit. Or, if your game room has a cocktail bar there are many fun pieces of game room artwork with a cocktail or party theme you can choose from. Game room artwork with a movie theme is ideal for movie buffs.

JB Hall Abstract “San Fransisco 1”

Rather than an event or activity type of game room artwork, you might instead choose game room artwork that has colors which coordinate well with the room’s furnishings. Since color affects mood, consider upbeat bright and bold colors for your game room artwork. There are lots of abstract and contemporary pieces with great color combinations which would be a great choice for your game room artwork.

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If you love art and want to be a bit bold, then you may be the perfect candidate for big canvas art.  Big canvas art has become increasingly popular in recent years.  There is nothing more spectacular than a beautiful piece of big canvas art hanging in the perfect spot in your home.  Big canvas art can turn a plain, ordinary wall into a show-stopping focal point.  Not to mention, big canvas art almost always makes for a great conversation piece when you have company.

“Red Gerber” Nichole Sloan

If you have a home with a lot of empty space on your walls, then a few well chosen pieces of big canvas art may be the perfect addition.  Big canvas art can look amazing placed on the wall above your bed.  Big canvas art can also go beautifully over a fireplace.  A long rectangular piece of big canvas art can look spectacular hanging above your sofa.  If you start looking around your home you may quickly find several perfect spots for big canvas art.  A game room or family room is also a great place for a fun piece of big canvas art. 

 Another great place for big canvas art is the work place.  If you have a large office, big canvas art can add a gorgeous splash of color to one of the walls.  Also, if your office has a conference room, big canvas art may be ideal.  Waiting rooms and foyers, which are often rather bland, are excellent places to put a stunning piece or two of big canvas art.

 You can find just about any subject in big canvas art that you can find in traditional-sized art.  Flowers, landscapes, ocean beaches and city skylines are popular favorites for big canvas art.  With flowers, often one large single flower is the subject for big canvas art.   Sunsets and panoramic landscapes make especially gorgeous themes for big canvas art. 

Whatever you choose, you can be sure it will be quickly noticed.  Big canvas art stands out no matter where you place it.

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When you want to buy home décor on art canvas, online shopping is the best way to find that perfect decorative art canvas! Online art retailer Artaissance offers a wide collection of stunning contemporary art on canvas at prices that won’t break your budget.

Enhanced Search Features at ArtThatFits.com

When shopping at Artaissance, you can choose to purchase giclee prints of your favorite artworks on high-quality art paper or art canvas. Online art shopping has never been more fun! With over 3300 artworks to choose from, you can easily spend hours searching for the right art canvas online at Artaissance.

Are you a nature lover? To create a rural retreat in your own home, “Yellowstone Morning” by Sallie K. Smith is the perfect idyllic landscape on art canvas. Online, you can get a feel for the piece, but when you see it in person, art like this will blow you away.

When buying home décor on art canvas, online shopping is incredibly convenient. Artaissance recognizes that buying art canvas online is different than buying art in person, so we’ve created the Art Sample Program to make buying art canvas online a whole lot easier!

For a nominal fee, you can choose your favorite art canvas online, and we will ship you a small, high-quality print of the artwork on art paper or art canvas. Online, you can get the gist of the piece, but in person, you can see the actual colors of the artwork and get a feel for how the art will actually look in your home.

This makes buying art canvas online just as easy and fun as buying art canvas in person! When you purchase an art sample and then decide on the size you want for the artwork, you can buy the art canvas online and the cost of the art sample will be deducted from the cost of the art canvas. Online art shopping is not only fun – at Artaissance, it’s affordable, too!

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When it comes to choosing home décor artwork, you want to choose pieces that will work in your home. You also want home décor artwork that you will love for years to come. In order to select the best home décor artwork, there are a few things you want to consider.

Before you go shopping for home décor artwork, take some time to peruse as much art as you can first. You may want to visit a local gallery or art exhibit to start getting some ideas for styles of home décor artwork. You may also want to look online at websites which feature home décor artwork. By taking your time looking at a variety of colors, styles, subjects and mediums for home décor artwork, you will have a much better idea of the types of home décor artwork that you like and don’t like.

“Purity” “Pink Bouquet” “Dandies in a Ming Vase”

The next thing you want to consider when deciding on home décor artwork is where you want to put it. If you are looking to use home décor artwork to provide accents to various small spaces in your home, then large pieces of home décor artwork won’t be what you need. On the other hand, if you want to make that empty wall space above your sofa a focal point, then a large piece of home décor artwork may be perfect. In other words, you want your home décor artwork to be proportionate and fit well with its surroundings.

If you already have some home décor artwork in a room, then it usually works best to select other home décor artwork of similar styles and color themes. For example, if the primary piece of home décor artwork in your bedroom contains soft pastel-colored flowers, a boldly colored abstract piece of home décor artwork will most likely clash.

Choosing the perfect home décor artwork may seem a bit challenging at first, but ultimately you want to pick pieces you love and which make you feel good.

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What’s better than discovering art that fits? There is an indescribable joy in finding art that fits so well on your walls that when you look at it, you know it belongs there. When you find art that fits so well like that, you know you’ve found the best place to shop every time you want a new piece of art.

So where can you buy art that fits all your needs? Artaissance is the premiere online destination to buy art that fits perfectly in your home or office. Whether you are totally redecorating or just looking for a new artwork to hang on your living room, Artaissance has the art to suit every decorating palette.

“Seaside” Fred Lisaius

At Artaissance, you can spend hours browsing through the online collection of over 3300 artworks. With such a great selection, it’s easy to find a wide variety of art that fits your style. With genres ranging from floral to photography, figurative to abstract, and everything else in between – you have a high chance of discovering art that fits when you shop at Artaissance.

When you need a specific size of art, you can literally find the art that fits your exact needs at Artaissance. The high-tech printing process at Artaissance is able to create art that fits your necessary dimensions. If you need a small piece of art that fits in your bathroom or kitchen, you can order art from Artaissance as small as 6” x 6”. If you need a large piece of art that fits behind your sofa, you can order art as large as 54” x 108”.

Thanks to the special custom sizing option at Artaissance, you will always find the art that fits your decorating needs. You’ll also find art that fits your budget! Our giclee art prints are just as high-quality as original artworks, at only a fraction of the cost.

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