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Art reproduction printing is the new way to bring quality artwork by famous artists into your own home without spending thousands of dollars. Today’s art reproduction printing has been upgraded by technology. One of the most advanced printmaking technologies today is giclee. Pronounced “zee-clay”, giclee printing, from the French word meaning “to spray”, is a digital method of fine art reproduction printing that offers a much higher resolution, or sharpness, and a much wider range of color than art reproduction printing techniques of years past. Large digital printers that produce giclees can print on a variety of substrates like archival paper and canvas, allowing you to choose exactly how you want your finished piece of art reproduction printing.

Art reproduction printing allows fabulous works of art to be digitized, reproduced and printed at a specified size. This feature of art reproduction printing can change the way you are able to choose the art reproduction print for your home. Instead of choosing from a small assortment of pieces you find in the size of art reproduction printing you need, you can use color, style, artist or subject matter as your first criteria for your art reproduction printing. This opens up thousands of pieces from you to choose from. With art reproduction printing you can get high quality art in the exact image you want.


Giclee Print Paul Chang “Zypher Hills Spring”

Art reproduction printing is a legitimate form of artwork. Some artists exclusively make prints, and some have made art reproduction printing part of their mediums from which they work, just like painting or drawing. Art reproduction prints have sold at famous auction houses for tens of thousands of dollars. However, it is important to work with a reputable art reproduction printing company to ensure you receive quality work. Not all art reproduction printing techniques are the same. is an example of an art reproduction printing company that works with archival quality inks and substrates and follows strict quality guidelines. When working with the right company, art reproduction printing allows consumers to hang the best quality artwork in their own homes.

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Giclee reproductions are an excellent and affordable way to own contemporary art. When you buy giclee reproductions from Artaissance, you are investing in a work of art that will last you a lifetime – without spending an arm and a leg!

When you talk about giclee reproductions, you’re speaking of a real advance in print technology. In giclee reproductions, the images are generated from high resolution digital scans of the original artwork. Giclee reproductions are printed with quality inks that are made to stand the test of time. One reason why giclee reproductions are so appealing is that the printing process allows for sharper and more vibrant colors than other forms of art reproductions. Giclee reproductions from Artaissance are printed on your choice of fine art paper or canvas – whichever you prefer.

Soraya Chemaly “Tutti-Frutti-Apple I”

Any kind of 2-dimensional art can be turned into giclee reproductions. The original can be created with oils, acrylics, watercolor, graphite, pastel, mixed media, or any other 2-dimensional art media. Because Artaissance uses such advanced printing technology, the giclee reproductions manage to capture the essence of the original media that the artist used in the artwork. This is why it is often so difficult to tell apart the original artwork from the giclee reproductions!

Another benefit to buying giclee reproductions from Artaissance is that you can order your favorite artwork in almost any size you want. Compare this to the experience of shopping for art at a store, where you are stuck with art that only comes in certain sizes. When you shop online at Artaissance, you can buy giclee reproductions that are sized to your specific needs.

Soraya Chemaly “Tutti-Frutti Apple II”

For instance, if you fall in love with the 2 Tutti-Frutti-Apple artworks of Soraya Chemaly, you can choose to buy the pair as giclee reproductions as small as 6” x 6” or as large as 54” x 54”, and any size in between. This allows a lot of freedom and flexibility for home decorators!

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At “Art That Fits” by Artaissance, you are sure to find a giclee artist whose artwork strikes your fancy and suits your decorating palette. We showcase a giclee artist for every decorating style imaginable! Here is just a small sampling of the artists whose work we carry in our extensive online catalogue:

Campbell Laird’s “Skribl#1”

Abstract giclee artist Campbell Laird uses a limited color palette to great effect in his modern art. Although the work of this giclee artist often contains only two or three colors, each artwork is brimming with movement and energy.

Contemporary giclee artist Johnny Taylor is on the cutting-edge of cool. This giclee artist creates avant-garde artwork that is multi-layered and bursting with color. His artwork feels retro yet simultaneously fresh.

Whimsical giclee artist Soraya Chemaly creates cute artwork that would be perfect for a child’s room. With their soft, pastel colors, her “Butterfly, Butterfly” and “Ladybug, Ladybug” artwork would look right at home in a little girl’s room.

Collage giclee artist Eugene Motz turned used postage stamps into art. His “Postal Labels” series consists of brightly colored vintage stamps that are aesthetically arranged to create unique abstract art. Artwork by this giclee artist is sure to delight anyone with a penchant for old stuff.

Pattern-loving giclee artist Jill Meyer creates square artwork that is often based on repetitive patterns. “Romans” and “Symbols” are two such artworks by this contemporary giclee artist that contain different imagery, but a similar color scheme, making them an excellent choice for pairing on your wall.

Traveling giclee artist Mat Barber Kennedy roams the world in search of interesting buildings to paint. His artwork captures the essence of many different types of architecture from around the world, from Ohio to India to Paris and many other locations in between.

Whatever your choice in home décor, you are sure to find a giclee artist at Artaissance who creates the exact art that speaks to you!

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David Marty “Morning Rise”

A fine art reproduction giclee is the best way to own artwork by your favorite contemporary artist. Owning a fine art reproduction giclee is an excellent alternative to spending a lot of money for an original.

Purchasing a fine art reproduction giclee from Artaissance is not only far more affordable than buying an original; you also get the added bonus of being able to choose the exact size you need!

Whether you have a large wall space to cover or a tiny niche to fill, thanks to our advanced technology we have the ability to create your fine art reproduction giclee in any size that you require. Artaissance can produce your fine art reproduction giclee as small as 6” x 6” to fit perfectly above your nightstand. We can also create a fine art reproduction giclee as large as 54” x 102” to fill the huge blank spot in your family room wall. How’s that for versatility!

Thomaspaul “Hummingbird Java”

A fine art reproduction giclee is much more upscale and high quality than the flimsy rock posters you used to buy as a teenager. You’ve grown up a lot since then, and your home décor should reflect that fact!

When you buy a fine art reproduction giclee, you are investing in a piece of art that will last you a lifetime. The materials that are used to create your fine art reproduction giclee are archival and long-lasting, ensuring that your purchase will bring you continual enjoyment.

In our collection of over 3300 artworks, you will easily find a fine art reproduction giclee for every room of your house. With artistic styles ranging from modern to traditional, our contemporary art collection has the fine art reproduction giclee to suit every decorating palette.

Whether you prefer a fine art reproduction giclee of David Marty’s country landscapes, or a fine art reproduction giclee of Thomaspaul’s modern designs, you will find exactly what you are looking for at Artaissance!

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Art giclees are a trendy and affordable way to own a piece of artwork, and here’s why: original artwork is usually out of reach for most of us, because original art is so expensive. On the other hand, posters are cheap and childish. So what’s an art lover to do?!

Art giclees are an exciting new alternative to the cheap, flimsy posters that you tacked on your wall as a kid. Art giclees are also an upscale (yet affordable) alternative to the boring, mass-produced wall art that you can buy at WalMart.

Miguel Dominguez “A Summer Place”

What are art giclees? Art giclees are high-quality reproductions of original artwork that look just as good as the original. And best of all – art giclees are easy on the pocket!

The term “giclee” derives from a French term that means “to spray”. This describes the process that is used to create art giclees, in which tiny droplets of ink are sprayed onto the paper or canvas.

Using state of the art technology, at Artaissance we are able to capture the exact look and feel of each individual artwork that is for sale in our extensive collection of over 3300 artworks. Our advanced printing process creates art giclees on canvas or paper that are stunning reproductions of the original. Our art giclees are created with high quality archival materials, which means that they will last a lifetime.

If you need art giclees in a specific size, Artaissance has you covered! Our technology allows us to create art giclees in any size you need, ranging from a tiny 6” x 6” to a monumental 54” x 102”.

The collection of art available at Artaissance includes art giclees from over 140 contemporary artists, all working in a variety of styles that depict a wide range of subject matter. Whatever your taste in home décor, you will definitely find art giclees to suit your personal style.

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Lee Crew “Pacific”

When you buy art for decor, you are doing much more than just decorating – you are making a statement. Art for decor shows the world your personal style. When you buy art for decor, you show the world makes you uniquely you!

Choosing the best art for decor depends on the overall decorating style of each room. Is your decorating taste eclectic and funky, minimalist and low-key, or opulent and grand? At Artaissance, we offer a wide selection of art for decor, no matter what your decorating style.

For those who are on the cutting edge of style, we have avant-garde art for decor that will make your walls sing with the spirit of your individuality. Art for decor by Johnny Taylor can turn any room into a brightly-colored Pop Art extravaganza.

If you like bright colors but prefer a bit more simplicity in your art for decor, then the swirly circle art of Lee Crew is just the right art for decor that will add vibrancy and bounce to any room. Lee Crew’s abstract art for decor is the perfect type of art for mixing and matching.

Why not try displaying art for decor in sets? When art for decor is arranged in groups on the same wall, each artwork plays off of the others to create a stunning decorative showpiece. To do this, you can either choose art for decor by the same artist, such as a polyptych by Rodney White featuring pieces from his series “Skillset of an Elevated Mind”.

Alternatively, you can create a grouping of art for decor by several different artists. This allows you lots of creative freedom! You can select art for decor by various artists based on similar or complementary color schemes, similar subject matter, or even just similar size. When you arrange art for decor in this way, you can create a totally unique display of artwork that expresses your inner essence.

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Decorate your home in style with canvas art. Buy canvas art at affordable prices when you purchase canvas art from Art That Fits!

“Setting” Dana Johns

If you need canvas art, buy it in any size when you shop at Art That Fits. Our advanced printing process enables us to reproduce art in nearly any size you require for your canvas art. Buy art as small as 6” x 6” to fill your need for undersized canvas art. Buy art as large as 54” x 102” to fill up giant spaces with monumental canvas art. Buy art in any size in between to fill any space that you need.

When it comes to canvas art, buy the art that speaks to your soul. Art That Fits offers a wide selection of over 3300 pieces of canvas art. Buy the art that draws you in and tells you a story. You are sure to find what you need in our extensive collection of contemporary canvas art. Buy art that inspires you and uplifts your spirit. These are the artworks that will grace your walls for a lifetime!

Our online art collection consists of art by over 140 artists. This lends our collection a splendid diversity of vision, and allows our collectors an abundance of choice of canvas art. Buy a few pieces of art from your favorite artist or mix and match to create an eclectic and compelling home gallery of canvas art.

Buy art samples before you spend a lot of money on buying the art in a large size. The Art That Fits Art Sample Program allows you to visualize the art in your home by first purchasing a small sample print of the canvas art. Buy the art in the size you need once the art samples help you decide which piece to buy.

When you shop for canvas art, buy affordable, high-quality canvas wall art from Art That Fits!

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“Americana Suite VI” Max Hayslette

Looking for custom art? Canvas wall art is the perfect solution. At Artaissance, custom art canvas giclees can be printed to your exact size specifications. This is an easy and convenient way to buy custom art that fits your specific sizing needs.

Custom art canvas giclees can be printed as small as 6” x 6” to fit in those small spaces around your home or office, whether it’s in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or home office. Custom art canvas giclees can also be printed as large as 54” x 102” – which is a monumental size! Custom art at this size can easily fill large empty walls in your home or office.

If you want to buy custom art, canvas wall art from Artaissance allows you a great deal of versatility and freedom. At Artaissance we offer a wide variety of custom art canvas giclees in our extensive online art collection. With over 3300 artworks to choose from, you are sure to find plenty of artwork that strikes you. Artaissance offers exclusive artwork from over 140 talented artists, each with a unique vision that you can enjoy and admire as custom art canvas giclees.

“Giclee” is a French term that means “spray”. This describes the high-tech printing process that is used to create our custom art canvas giclees. Using advanced printing technology, thousands of tiny droplets of ink art sprayed on the canvas, where the colors mix to create beautiful and subtle gradations of color. Our custom art canvas giclees are so rich in color and texture that they are nearly indiscernible from the original artwork.

When it comes to custom art, canvas giclee wall art is a popular choice. The high-quality canvas support provides a sense of sophistication, substance and class to our custom art canvas giclees.
As an affordable alternative to owning the original, custom art canvas giclees are sure to please any discerning home decorator!

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A giclee fine art print is the affordable alternative to buying original artwork. As such, a giclee fine art print can be a vital part of your art collection.

Giclee is French for “spray”, and basically refers to the technologically-advanced printmaking process in which thousands of tiny droplets of ink are squirted onto the substrate (either paper or canvas) where they mix to form seamless gradations of color. The result is a stunning giclee fine art print that captures the essence of the artist’s original piece.

Collectors of fine art are thrilled with the introduction of the giclee fine art print. If you can’t afford the original, a giclee fine art print is the next best thing.

A. Pell’s “Fields” – Giclee fine art at Artaissance

Giclee fine art prints are so detailed and are of such high quality that people often cannot tell the difference between a giclee fine art print and an original. Through state-of-the-art technology, giclee fine art prints are capable of recreating the tiny nuances that make each piece of art unique. A giclee fine art print is thus able to accurately reproduce everything the artist intended, allowing you to own a piece of the artist’s vision without denting your decorating budget.

You will find the perfect giclee fine art print for your decorating needs at Artaissance, where we offer over 3300 works of art by over 140 artists. All artworks are exclusive to Artaissance, so you won’t find these prints anywhere else.

Our high-tech printing process allows us to print artwork in nearly any size, from small to large. Whether you need a 6”x 6” giclee fine art print to fill a small niche or an oversized giclee fine art print to decorate your office lobby, Artaissance can create your print to the exact specifications that you need.

Because we use archival inks that are lightfast on high-quality canvas or paper, a giclee fine art print from Artaissance is a purchase that will last you a lifetime.

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