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Buying a frame and art is a breeze when you shop at Artaissance. Simply choose your favorite artworks and Artaissance will ship the art to your local frame shop for free. A professional art framer will assist you in selecting the perfect frame and art for your decorating needs.

When decorating your home, you will need a frame and art that match your personal style. Artaissance makes this easy for you by providing you with a list of local retailers who can personally assist you with your frame and art. The frame and art go hand in hand, and with an art professional by your side, you can be sure to select the perfect frame and art for your home or office!

Tim Howe “Country Lake Vista” at Artaissance

The frame and art go together to create a wonderful addition to your home décor. If you prefer a traditional style of frame and art, then a Baroque frame and art by Tim Howe would work magic in your home office. If you prefer a more minimalist style of frame and art, then a simple frame and art by Jonathan Adler would work well together.

Whatever your personal choice of frame and art, it will become a centerpiece for attention in any location. Large, ornate frames are works of art in themselves, whereas thinner, simpler frames allow the artwork to receive all the interest. A professional art framer can help you select the right frame for your artwork.

Whenever you need a frame and art, experience the convenience of buying the art at Artaissance and then picking it up at your local recommended art framer. Talking to a professional in person will be of great value when selecting the right frame and art, and Artaissance is more than happy to send you to the right art professional!

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If you’re looking for home décor to buy online, art from Artaissance is just what you need! With over 3300 artworks to choose from, Artaissance is the perfect place to buy online.

“Lion du Senegal” Biltmore Collection

Art from Artaissance ranges in style from modern and minimal to sophisticated and traditional. When browsing the extensive Artaissance catalog, you will easily find a stylish array of art to buy online – art to suit every decorating style.

Why should you buy online? Art from artists all over the world can be brought right to your doorstep when you buy online. Art in the Artaissance collection are created by over 140 artists who live and work in the US and abroad. When you browse Artaissance to buy online, art is not limited to only the artists whose work hangs in your local gallery – you have a virtual museum of contemporary art at your fingertips when you buy online!

Art always looks better in person than it does online, so if you fall in love with the art online, you know you will be over the moon when you see it in person! This is part of what makes it fun to buy online. Art is always a thrilling purchase, and seeing your new art for the first time can be sheer delight.

“Coral Scarlet” Thomaspaul

Here’s the tricky thing about looking for art to buy online: art sometimes doesn’t appear exactly the same from screen to screen, due to differences in monitor settings. Before you buy online art, you can purchase an Art Sample from Artaissance for a small fee, which will allow you to see the exact colors of the artwork and get a feel for how it looks in your home.

When shopping for art, don’t hesitate to buy online. Art shopping at Artaissance is easy, convenient, and fun when you want to buy online art!

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When you’re seeking decor wall art, you need to consider the style and atmosphere you’d like to convey with your decor. Wall art comes in an incredible array of choices.

“Twins” by Johnny Taylor

For those on the cutting edge of style, decor wall art by Johnny Taylor is mesmerizingly appropriate. His colorful decor wall art will brighten any room and enliven any atmosphere. This kind of decor wall art is perfect in many rooms of your house, from your kitchen to your living room to your bedroom!

For those with a more traditional palette, the landscape artwork of Max Hayslette is exceptional decor wall art for both your home and your office. His timeless landscape art would look exquisite in the right frames. If you need assistance getting your decor wall art framed, Artaissance can recommend local framers right in your area who will professionally frame your new piece of art.

If you need decor wall art for your kids room, the whimsical art of Kate Endle would bring fun and frivolity to any child’s bedroom. Her cute decor wall art is simply irresistible, and your kids will love it!

The list of all the various possibilities of decor wall art goes on and on when you browse the extensive collection of decor wall art at Artaissance. To select the best decor wall art, what else do you need to consider?

Figure out what size you need your wall art to be. What size is the wall? If you want to hang decor wall art behind your couch, you’ll need a fairly large sized artwork. If you need decor wall art for your bathroom, you can purchase a fairly small artwork. Due to the custom sizing option at Artaissance, finding the right size is never a problem!

Kate Endle’s “Skating”

How will you display you new wall art decor? For example, lighting is something to consider. If you use normal room lighting, the decor wall art will blend into the room’s ambience. If you want to really accent your piece, place a spotlight on it.

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Giclee art prints are the best way to own a piece of contemporary art. In fact, some say it’s better to buy giclee art prints rather than purchase original art, because giclee art prints look so much like the real thing that even the artists themselves have difficulty telling apart the originals from the giclee art prints!

“Giclee” is a French term that means “to squirt” or “to spray”. This refers to the high-tech printing process that is used to create giclee art prints, in which thousands of tiny droplets are sprayed onto canvas or paper, where they blend seamlessly to create intensely beautiful giclee art prints. This advanced technology allows Artaissance to create giclee art prints that are exact reproductions of the original art – retaining every subtle nuance of the original and capturing the very essence of the artwork.

“Figure 8 Graphic B” Jonathan Adler

One of the best things about buying giclee art prints from Artaissance is that you can choose the exact size you need for your art! For instance, if you need an oversized artwork for your living room wall, you can buy one of Jonathan Adler’s “Figure 8” giclees at an enormous 54” x 81”, which would look stunning over your sofa. On the other hand, if you need a very small artwork to fill a niche on your office wall, you can buy this same exact artwork at a more modest 6” x 9”. Because these giclee art prints are so affordable, if you fall in love with a certain artwork, you can buy giclee art prints of the artwork for both your home and your office!

Giclee art prints from Artaissance are created using top-of-the-line printing technology. When you buy giclee art prints from Artaissance, you are investing in a piece of art that will last you a lifetime. Whether you purchase giclee art prints on canvas or on paper, you can rest assured that the materials used to create your giclee art prints are archival and long-lasting.

The next time you need to buy art, shop for giclee art prints from Artaissance!

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Have you heard about giclee art reproductions? Giclee art reproductions are an amazing way to own high-quality art, at a mere fraction of the cost of originals. For art lovers and home decorators who need fresh art for their walls, giclee art reproductions are the way to go!

Mary Calkins “New Beginning I”

Artaissance uses advanced printing technology to create museum-quality giclee art reproductions. The term “giclee” is derived from a French word that means “to squirt” or “to spurt”. This describes the high-tech printing process that is used to create giclee art reproductions, in which thousands of tiny droplets of ink are “squirted” across the paper or canvas, where they blend to form beautiful gradations of color. The resulting giclee art reproductions are so stunning that oftentimes, even the artists themselves have difficulty determining the original from the reproduction!

The technology used to create giclee art reproductions on canvas can exceed the more traditional silver halide and gelatin processes. In fact, most giclee art reproductions, if properly preserved by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and humidity, can last for over 100 years. Often, the artist oversees the giclee printing process alongside the printing expert, ensuring the accuracy of the giclee art reproductions in terms of reproducing the correct color, texture and overall essence of the piece, right down to the subtle nuances.

One of the best things about purchasing giclee art reproductions from Artaissance is that they can be created in nearly any size you need. If you need very large giclee art reproductions to create a stunning display in your office lobby, you can order giclee art reproductions as large as 54” x 102” from Artaissance. If you need very small giclee art reproductions to hang in your child’s room, you can purchase giclee art reproductions as small as 6” x 6”. This allows for great flexibility when it comes to decorating your home or office!

For all of these reasons, giclee art reproductions from Artaissance are the perfect solution to all your decorating needs.

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Giclee reproductions are an excellent and affordable way to own contemporary art. When you buy giclee reproductions from Artaissance, you are investing in a work of art that will last you a lifetime – without spending an arm and a leg!

When you talk about giclee reproductions, you’re speaking of a real advance in print technology. In giclee reproductions, the images are generated from high resolution digital scans of the original artwork. Giclee reproductions are printed with quality inks that are made to stand the test of time. One reason why giclee reproductions are so appealing is that the printing process allows for sharper and more vibrant colors than other forms of art reproductions. Giclee reproductions from Artaissance are printed on your choice of fine art paper or canvas – whichever you prefer.

Soraya Chemaly “Tutti-Frutti-Apple I”

Any kind of 2-dimensional art can be turned into giclee reproductions. The original can be created with oils, acrylics, watercolor, graphite, pastel, mixed media, or any other 2-dimensional art media. Because Artaissance uses such advanced printing technology, the giclee reproductions manage to capture the essence of the original media that the artist used in the artwork. This is why it is often so difficult to tell apart the original artwork from the giclee reproductions!

Another benefit to buying giclee reproductions from Artaissance is that you can order your favorite artwork in almost any size you want. Compare this to the experience of shopping for art at a store, where you are stuck with art that only comes in certain sizes. When you shop online at Artaissance, you can buy giclee reproductions that are sized to your specific needs.

Soraya Chemaly “Tutti-Frutti Apple II”

For instance, if you fall in love with the 2 Tutti-Frutti-Apple artworks of Soraya Chemaly, you can choose to buy the pair as giclee reproductions as small as 6” x 6” or as large as 54” x 54”, and any size in between. This allows a lot of freedom and flexibility for home decorators!

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What should you look for when you select home decor and art? Basically, you want to create a smooth ambience with your home decor and art. You want to create a balance that emphasizes your good taste.

What’s the best way to make sure that your home decor and art blend properly? There are a few ways that you can do this: selecting home decor and art based on similar color schemes, similar subject matter, similar size, or similar style.

“Waiting” David Tupper

To create a true harmonious balance, select home decor and art that share similar color schemes. For instance, if you like home decor and art that is purple and blue, you can hang “Waiting” by David Tupper in the same room as “Aubergine II” by Donna Young. Even though these artworks have totally different subject matter, they both share a similar color scheme that would make them both excellent selections for home decor and art.

You can also select home decor and art based on similar subject matter. When you  build around a theme, there is a sense of cohesiveness to your decorating style. For instance, if you like horses, you will easily find an array that portray horses. It doesn’t matter if they are in different styles – the connecting theme will be obvious, resulting in a collection of art that is pleasing to the eye.

You have a lot of decorating freedom when you make a selection that is based on a collection of pieces that are the same size. This way, you can create an eclectic personal gallery in your home of all your favorite artworks! Artaissance allows you to purchase art in any size you require, so buying home decor and art that is all the same size is a snap.

Lastly, you can also buy home decor and art that all share a similar style. If you like abstract, you can easily place home decor and art by various abstract artists in the same room.

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When you’re deciding on your home decor, canvas art can be an exciting addition to your home. Whether you prefer minimalist or extravagant home decor, canvas wall art is the perfect way to add imagery to your walls.

“Cats” Eleanor Grosch

If you have a minimalist taste in home decor, canvas art will really stand out. In that case, be sure to choose art that complements, rather than overrides, your existing home decor. Simple art may be best, so as not to overpower your minimalist home decor. Canvas wall art that is based on only one or two colors might be ideal to accentuate your home decor. Canvas art such as “Cats” by Eleanor Grosch or the black and white art of Sue Gilette would work well in a home that has minimalist home decor.

Canvas wall art of country landscapes would work well for city dwellers who long for open fields and blue skies. Tuscany landscapes can especially add a sense of sophistication to your home decor. Canvas art by Max Hayslette will inspire your senses and allow you to dream of distant lands.

“Elephants” Johnny Taylor

If you have a quirky sense of home decor, canvas art by Johnny Taylor would suit you well. His art works well for those who prefer unusual and upbeat home decor. Canvas wall art by Liz Tran would also work well for those who have colorful and stylish home decor.

Canvas art is the best accent to your home decor. Canvas is long-lasting and durable, making canvas art an ideal addition to your home decor. No matter what your personal taste and style for your home decor, canvas wall art will make your house feel complete. Ultimately, you will intuitively sense which style of art works best with your home decor. Canvas art is the perfect final touch to your home decorating!

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Do you want to purchase art online? Buying art online is becoming more and more common. There are many good reasons to purchase art online:

Mary Margaret-Briggs “Nasturtium 14”

When you purchase art online from Artaissance, you have an unlimited amount of selection. With an online collection of over 3300 works of art, you will easily find the right art for your home or office when you purchase art online from Artaissance. You simply can’t get that selection trudging from gallery to gallery, no matter how many miles you put on your car. The collection of art at Artaissance features over 140 contemporary artists from all over the world – virtually a world bazaar, literally at your fingertips.

When you purchase art online, you can browse at your own convenience. You can purchase art online with your morning coffee or afternoon snack. It’s very comfortable and causes no wear and tear on the soles of your feet. When you purchase art online, the advantage is that you’re able to do it at 3am when you’re in your pajamas if you like!

Nichole Sloan “Midnight”

Take your time when you purchase. You don’t have to worry about wasting the salesperson’s time. You can stare at works of art online for as long as you want while you’re deciding which one to purchase.

When you purchase art online from Artaissance, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, so there’s no risk involved. If you want to see a sample of the piece before you purchase art online, you can buy a small Art Sample of your favorite artwork. When you decide to purchase that particular art online, you will be reimbursed for the cost of the Art Sample.

More and more people are starting to purchase art online. Once you purchase art online for the first time, you’ll see why!

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Choosing the right size art is a snap when you shop for art at Artaissance. When you need to determine a specific size art for your home or office before you buy, Artaissance makes the process super-easy for you.

“Dining Chair Snow/Slate” Biltmore Collection

You no longer need to trudge around from store to store, looking for the right size art that both fits where you want it to and appeals to your taste in home décor. When you fall in love with a work of art at Artaissance, you get to decide whether to buy it as small size art, medium size art, or large size art! This kind of freedom is both a blessing and a relief to people who like to buy art that moves them, but who have been frustrated in the past because the artwork they fell in love with was either too big or too small. At Artaissance, every piece of art is the right size art for your needs!

The custom sizing tool on the Artaissance website can quickly calculate the right size art for the specific spaces in your home – whether you need small size art for your bathroom or grand size art to make a stunning impact in your office lobby. Simply type in either the desired height or length for your favorite artwork, and Artaissance will calculate the dimensions that your artwork will be. This is a convenient way to size art for your home, because you can then use a tape measure to see if those exact dimensions would work well for that special place on your wall.

“Confidante Sofa Linen/Acorn” Biltmore Collection

The ability to size art to your specific needs is greatly beneficial when you are decorating your home or office. Such unprecedented flexibility allows you a lot of creativity and freedom in selecting whatever size art you need!

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