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“Boots 1” Jamie Ellsworth

Jaime Ellsworth, artist and animal lover, creates simple-seeming scenes of every day moments. These scenes created by Jaime Ellsworth allow the viewer to imagine their own background story about what’s just out of view. One of the favorite subjects of Jaime Ellsworth is a black dog named Pagau. Pagau, a dog her daughter rescued in Beijing, China, has captured the heart of Jaime Ellsworth and for being such an amazing muse, she donates paintings to animal welfare societies. In her painting, Boots 1, Jaime Ellsworth captures Pagau the dog sitting just inside the closed door of a house. Pagau sits next to a discarded pair of rain boots in Jaime Ellsworth’s piece. On the brown and white checkerboard floor, the lone black dog sits looking to the outside world Jaime Ellsworth has created. The viewer is left to imagine what Pagau is pondering beyond the glass door in Boots 1 by Jaime Ellsworth.

Jaime Ellsworth has an amazing way of using strong and simple shapes when composing her paintings. Yet, upon closer inspection, one sees Jaime Ellsworth has not left the objects in her works flat or two-dimensional. There is texture and gentle shading to the forms achieved through using fine layers of strongly-colored oil bars to create the main forms, and then uses more layers, as Jaime Ellsworth describes the process, to “allow the under paint to peek through and transparent glazes give the final surface a subtle tint.” Jaime Ellsworth has perfected this layering technique, creating depth in her work that forms her striking signature style.

Incredibly, Jaime Ellsworth had been painting an imaginary black dog for about a year before her daughter brought Pagau home. Of the canine, Jaime Ellsworth says, “I began to observe and paint Pagau’s moments of contemplation and his story now unfolds visually through his discoveries.” Prolific in her work, Jaime Ellsworth has painted over sixty pieces in which Pagau is the subject. Here’s hoping Pagau continues to garner the attention of Jaime Ellsworth so we can watch the dog’s story continue in her delightfully cheery work.

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Dale Payson is a very talented New York artist who spent much of the 1960s studying art. She attended the well-known School of Visual Arts there and later become one of its art teachers. After teaching, Dale Payson spent many years working as a freelance artist. Dale Payson’s creative works of art grace the pages of over two dozen books for kids.

Dale Payson’s “Dairy Farm I”

Dale Payson’s art has earned many awards. Well known companies such as Dunkin Donuts display Dale Payson art. Some of Dale Payson’s work is also included in the Kerlan Collection; a prestigious collection of children’s literature housed at the University of Minnesota.

Dale Payson’s art is refreshingly creative and unique. Dale Payson focuses primarily on still life paintings. Floral bouquets bursting with color are one of her specialties. Other frequent subjects of Dale Payson’s work include fruit, dishware and vases, sea shells and cows. One of Dale Payson’s amazing gifts is her ability to transform these common objects into beautiful pieces on canvas with the stroke of a brush. The art of Dale Payson ranges from soft understated pastels to explosively bright colors.

There are several pieces by Dale Payson which I find especially spectacular. My all time favorite is Dale Payson’s “Pink and Green”. This painting depicts a gorgeous bouquet of brightly colored flowers. Her rich use of color in this painting is particularly noteworthy.

Dale Payson “Luscious Pears”

Another Dale Payson favorite of mine is titled “Luscious”. This creative work shows several golden-hued pears set against the stark contrast of a black velvet-like background. Dale Payson’s use of light and color in this painting is amazing.

One other Dale Payson painting which is particularly interesting is her “Pink and White Chiba Bowls”. This eye-catching still life is of a variety of bowls, dishes, and vases. Dale Payson uses delicate pastels with the exception of one deep blue vase.

The fine art work of the very talented Dale Payson would be a beautiful addition to the décor of any home. If you have not seen her work and love still life art, you definitely need to check out the artwork of Dale Payson.

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When you’re deciding on your home decor, canvas art can be an exciting addition to your home. Whether you prefer minimalist or extravagant home decor, canvas wall art is the perfect way to add imagery to your walls.

“Cats” Eleanor Grosch

If you have a minimalist taste in home decor, canvas art will really stand out. In that case, be sure to choose art that complements, rather than overrides, your existing home decor. Simple art may be best, so as not to overpower your minimalist home decor. Canvas wall art that is based on only one or two colors might be ideal to accentuate your home decor. Canvas art such as “Cats” by Eleanor Grosch or the black and white art of Sue Gilette would work well in a home that has minimalist home decor.

Canvas wall art of country landscapes would work well for city dwellers who long for open fields and blue skies. Tuscany landscapes can especially add a sense of sophistication to your home decor. Canvas art by Max Hayslette will inspire your senses and allow you to dream of distant lands.

“Elephants” Johnny Taylor

If you have a quirky sense of home decor, canvas art by Johnny Taylor would suit you well. His art works well for those who prefer unusual and upbeat home decor. Canvas wall art by Liz Tran would also work well for those who have colorful and stylish home decor.

Canvas art is the best accent to your home decor. Canvas is long-lasting and durable, making canvas art an ideal addition to your home decor. No matter what your personal taste and style for your home decor, canvas wall art will make your house feel complete. Ultimately, you will intuitively sense which style of art works best with your home decor. Canvas art is the perfect final touch to your home decorating!

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“Chichen Itza” by Alfredo Arreguin

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