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Artist April Richardson, a print maker living in the Pacific Northwest, is known for her vivid botanical mixed media monotypes. April Richardson gives life to the flowers and plants in her work through the use of saturated color. April Richardson achieves rich deep hues through her unique process. April Richardson combines techniques such as drawing, painting, collage and print making techniques and layers drawings, paint, tissue paper, and colored pencils into her finished pieces. April Richardson explores “living things” and their “origins, repetitions and patterns” and the history of the land on which they grow. This examination by April Richardson of the cycles of light and dark, bloom and wilt, life and death is evident in the compositions by April Richardson, and they seem to spiral in on themselves with vines, stems and leaves and blossoms.
In April Richardson’s diptych, Alley Rose I and Alley Rose II, you can watch the roses grow before your eyes. As one branch travels up the right side of Alley Rose II, by April Richardson, another dips down on the left side of Alley Rose I, cradling a budding rose.


April Richardson “Alley Rose II”

When viewed together, April Richardson’s pieces, the Alley Rose duo, appear to capture the lifecycle of the rose bush with both birth and regeneration of life. Buoyed by the sunlight, in April Richardson’s golden piece, Alley Rose I glows. Alley Rose II, however, points to the end of the lifecycle with open flowers full of weight and dark hues, appearing that April Richardson poised them to drip right off of the stems and drop to the ground to regenerate life.

When describing her thoughts while “sketching in a garden”, the first step in April Richardson’s multi-layered process, April Richardson says, “I consider the plot of land: these same few square feet that root the subject of my drawing today.” It is easy to spot April Richardson’s love of the earth and reverence of the moments created in gardens in her prints. An artist with love for her work, April Richardson’s success will grow like the blooms in her prints.

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“Cool Night” Kate Moynihan

Choosing decor artwork for your home or office allows you the opportunity to invest in art that truly shows off your style. The decor artwork you choose for each room will depend upon the purpose of the room, who will be using that room the most, and what kind of atmosphere you want to set for that room.

Here are some easy guidelines you will want to keep in mind when choosing decor artwork for various rooms in your home:

Your bedroom is your haven of peace, relaxation and tranquility. It is your private retreat from the world, where you both sleep and rejuvenate. The decor artwork that you choose should reflect this quality of comfort. We all relax in different ways, so the decor artwork that you choose for your bedroom will reflect your personal way of relaxation. For some, this might be the nearly abstract decor artwork of Kate Moynihan. Others may seek comfort in the golden florals of April Richardson.

The dining room is where you share family meals and entertain guests. The decor artwork for your dining room can either create a homely atmosphere or a more sophisticated ambiance, depending on your decorating style. Decor artwork like Marysia’s florals lend the dining room a sense of warmth, while decor artwork such as Bella Bigsby’s serene and subdued landscapes offer a more reserved, introspective tone.

Decor artwork for the kids’ room is always fun to choose. Decor artwork by Kate Endle is great for a nursery or little girl’s room. Carrie Narducci also makes wonderful decor artwork for a child’s room. If your child loves horses, the decor artwork of Katie Upton would be perfect!

In the kitchen, decor artwork can inspire the chef inside you. The decor artwork by Kim Marks includes vibrant pears and peppers that would work well in any kitchen. The decor artwork of Dale Payson takes a more sophisticated approach to kitchen decor.

Above all, when choosing decor artwork for your home, go with your gut feeling. When you see the right piece of art, you’ll know it!

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