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Artist Tim Howe

Artist Tim Howe creates contemporary pieces of dramatic landscapes. The bright colors and animated brushstrokes Tim Howe uses aid his style. Tim Howe was born in New Zealand and is currently splitting his time between studios in San Diego, California and Barcelona, Spain. One can sense Tim Howe’s love of the wide open places of beauty in his art. An avid traveler, the artist Tim Howe explains the motivation behind his work in saying, “As a landscape artist, I am naturally inspired to paint by what I see in nature.” Tim Howe continues, “Since I come from a strong graphic design background, I tend to draw upon this experience in creating my paintings.” This influence is obvious. “I accomplish this by utilizing the disciplines of both impressionism and abstraction,” finishes Tim Howe.

The personalized style of using textured paint on canvas to create light and shadow around his landscapes lends Tim Howe the tools as an artist allowing him to create modern looking interpretations of traditional subject matter. When describing the way he composes his canvases, artist Tim Howe says, “I’m predisposed to thinking in terms of images as either positive or negative shapes, while isolating the most important colours.” Tim Howe continues, “I see this as a more graphic and more contemporary way of painting. I find myself using nature’s elements, along with its’ shapes and images.”

This progressive painterly means of turning treetops into spheres or ovals and treating grasses as lines of movement, allow Tim Howe to ultimately express himself as an artist. Of the importance of wilderness to all people, not just the artist, Tim Howe says, “Having art surround us, as does nature, is crucial to all of our lives.” Continuing, Tim Howe says, “It’s important to me that art remain an equalizer in society…available to all…exclusive to none.” This urge within Tim Howe allows the artist to present the viewers of Tim Howe’s work with the gift of fine art that will stand the test of time.