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Johnny Taylor’s “Cowboy”

Is your taste in artwork modern and contemporary, or classic and traditional?

When it comes to decorating your home or office with artwork, modern art works best for those who are progressive and on the front lines of style. If you prefer pastoral landscapes and conventional still life artwork, modern art is probably not up your alley. Even so, you can still learn to appreciate modern artwork. Modern art has a lot to offer because it provides a contemporary vision of our world.

When looking at artwork, modern art can be a conundrum for those who don’t automatically understand this kind of artwork. Modern art doesn’t follow the same rules as traditional artwork. Modern art is cutting-edge, eschewing conservative standards of visual beauty and breathing new life into artwork. Modern art brings a fresh perspective to the age-old subject matters that usually crop up in artwork.

Take a look at Johnny Taylor’s artwork. Modern art like Johnny Taylor’s pieces turn traditional subject matter like nature and portraits upside-down, by injecting them with a fabulously infectious sense of style! Bright colors and a clever use of overlapping are the hallmarks of Johnny Taylor’s artwork. Modern sensibilities such as this turn traditional subject matter into funky and fun explosions of color. In Johnny Taylor’s artwork, modern approaches can also be found in his simplified rendering of the main subject matter for each piece, such as the flattened silhouette of the cowboy in his piece titled “Cowboy”. In Johnny Taylor’s artwork, modern art-making practices of creating mixed media art fuse together with his keen sense of composition, color and design to create engages pieces of art that bring joy and energy into any room.

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