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If you have never seen the incredible work of Massachusetts-based artist Ann Christensen, you have really been missing out. Ann Christensen is a remarkably talented artist who specializes in creating beautiful idyllic landscapes with simple brush strokes and vivid colors. Ann Christensen paintings gently flow with elegant simplicity. They draw you in while eliciting an amazing calm. You can easily get lost in the tranquil countrysides for which Ann Christensen is known.

Ann Christensen is a master at transforming a seemingly simple subject, such as a house or body of water, into the eye-catching focal point of each work. Creative use of color, subtle perspective, and stunning skies are hallmarks of Ann Christensen art.

“Smile” Ann Christensen

Many Ann Christensen paintings include a small building or two in lush surroundings. “Smile” is an Ann Christensen piece which depicts barn resting against an encroaching forest of evergreens. The sky looks down with clouds that seem to smile over the broad expanse of field and distant mountains. This Ann Christensen piece is ideal for an outdoor lover.

Another one of my favorite Ann Christensen works is aptly titled “Rendevous”. This thought-provoking Ann Christensen piece shows a simple dirt road surrounded by lush green pastures and farm outbuilding. In this scene Ann Christensen brilliantly taps into your emotions and imagination, allowing you to ponder what lies ahead just beyond the horizon.

Of all the Ann Christensen paintings I have seen, “East / West” is my most favorite. This stunning work hints of autumn with vivid red foliage in the foreground, and a peaceful lake in the distance. Ann Christensen makes brilliant use of contrasting bold red and soft light blues in this particular painting.

Ann Christensen’s “Rendezvous”

Ann Christensen art is perfect if you especially love paintings that are not overly busy but are rich with color. The paintings of Ann Christensen would definitely be stunning accents to almost any room in your home. There are many Ann Christensen pieces to choose from so you should easily find one that you love.