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Celebrate Earth Day by taking a virtual tour of the HGTV Green Home 2009 dedicated to eco-friendly design. Interior designer Linda Woodrum designed a green home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, where nature is in the details, especially the art.

As people make lifestyle choices reflecting their commitment to sustainability, many wonder how to bring art into the mix. How can you best reflect a love of the environment and combine it with eco-fabulous design? Tour the HGTV Green Home to see how their framed art solutions address today’s growing environmental concerns.

Encouraging a welcome party in the foyer, this bright sunburst mirror on bold stripes is reminiscent of a beach cabana. Eco-Chic Design Tip: Framed mirrors are long lasting and because they reflect light, they decrease the need for high-wattage bulbs and multiple fixtures.

Lord Thurnbull’s Orithological Study of Red Bird is a dramatic focal point for this bright, contemporary lounge. Eco-Chic Design Tip: Bring the outdoors in with natural images that might include animals and botanicals.

Lord Denver’s Prize Horse Aditoc, a 4-foot-tall triptych, commands attention in this dining room. Woodrum notes, “Something had to be really bold and really catch your eye because that wall is the farthest distance away from the front entrance. It had to have a lot of strength, and the horse was perfect. That print is so graphic. You really notice it.” Eco-Chic Design Tip: Mixed Media artwork is a great way to introduce multiple textures and natural elements in a room. 

Yvonne Henriot Giraud’s alligator prints paired with the color green is ideal for this coastal Florida sitting room. “The alligator prints were the first purchase,” adds Linda Woodrum, “So I was looking for a color that worked with, highlighted and seemed as if it fit the natural subject of the gators.”  Eco-Chic Design Tip: Art can be a great starting point to inspire the color and feel of a space.

The focal point in this guest bedroom is a graphic reproduction of the first print in Ottolander’s Conchology Studies series. In this case, the large-scale art is not only dramatic, but has a unique function by serving as a headboard.  Eco-Chic Design Tips: Subtle, neutral artwork makes a strong statement without competing with brighter color palettes. Black and white nature photography adds sophistication and elegant drama.  

Little ladies with lots of personality can play it up in this cheerfully bright child’s bedroom. What a great way to teach children at an early age about protecting the environment, by incorporating sustainable and natural elements in their private spaces. Eco-Chic Design Tips: Natural 3-dimensional objects make for a fun display when mounted as a wall grouping.

I hope you become inspired this Earth Day…there is no better artist than Mother Nature! 


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