Giclee Art Prints – Part 2

JB Hall believes artists should surround themselves with things tantamount to art. Perhaps that’s why, while living in Arizona with his wife and young son, JB Hall lists family outings, good eating and home projects among his activities. Oblivious to what other people assume an artist’s life should be like, JB Hall’s vast experiences inform his prints with a familiarity not easily found in other abstract work. JB Hall’s statement, “Truth is Perception”, invites the viewer to glean from his work their own stories and feelings. Of his work, JB Hall says, “Each piece or chapter is an incomplete exercise and can be reshaped and pounded into a success.” This statement by JB Hall reflects why printmaking is such a great medium for JB Hall. In paintings, the artist has time to work and rework the paint on the canvas, however, when creating prints, JB Hall must accept the outcome of what happens each time a print is created. Printmaking takes much preparation and JB Hall must trust that the work will result in a desired piece. Accidents must be embraced and thus, JB Hall’s work is “reshaped and pounded into a success.”

JB Hall’s “Key to Hope 4”

In the print, Key to Hope 4, JB Hall takes the everyday object of the key and pushes it to become the focus of the otherwise abstracted piece. Naming the key the Key to Hope, JB Hall reminds us with the large, dominant image, the key is available to us and it is our job to use it to unlock the future filled with hope. However busy the surface, JB Hall’s jet black key remains the focal point, as it is the topmost layer of the print. What does JB Hall want us to use the key for? He’s given it to us in a large, sweeping gesture. What will it unlock for the viewer of JB Hall’s Key to Hope 4? The Key to Hope, JB Hall’s title reminds us is the key to moving forward, to remember to have hope for the future and that “each piece or chapter…can be reshaped and pounded into a success”, and what a success JB Hall’s work is.

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Larry Miller’s art is quintessentially Californian. Born in California, Larry Miller now creates his art in Pebble Beach, the pristine coastal town known for it’s groomed golf courses and exclusive resorts. Larry Miller’s art is born through his love of the California coast line, so putting down roots in Pebble Beach is ideal. Larry Miller’s art is of the style known as photorealism, which Merriam-Webster defines as “realism in painting characterized by extremely meticulous depiction of detail.” This “meticulous depiction of detail” is what Larry Miller does best in his art. Larry Miller’s art particularly focuses on the coastal and mountainous areas of California’s landscape.

“Breezing Up” by Larry Miller

Breezing Up is one of Larry Miller’s pieces of art that captures an isolated beach from the vista from a mountain above. In this piece of art, Larry Miller chooses not to show the viewer the typical view of a mountain, but Larry Miller allows this piece of art to show a view which can only be seen from the high altitude of a mountain that is uniquely Californian. The top of the mountain artwork by Larry Miller is covered in a pristine white sand and dry yellow-green scrub grasses. Larry Miller’s art shows us a path leading down to the shoreline, inviting the viewer to follow it’s rugged line down to the quiet blue ocean on the horizon. The mountainous pine dominating the left of the canvas has boughs that are lifted by the wind and you can almost feel the breeze and smell the sea and feel its spray when looking at Larry Miller’s art.

Larry Miller’s artwork Breezing Up takes us to an amazing landscape that it seems fictional. However, Larry Miller captures the places in California that are indeed accessible to people. Through Larry Miller’s art one never has to travel far to experience the thrilling landscapes; one only has to look at the beauty captured in his stunning paintings.

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Luis Fernandez Hebrero, the Madrid, Spain born impressionist painter is influenced by the mountains of Campillo de Ranas during the summer and his hometown of Torero de Ardoz year round. Love of nature drew Luis Fernandez Hebrero to study biology at the University of Alcala de Henares in Madrid, Spain. While studying, Luis Fernandez Hebrero travelled throughout Europe and suddenly the imagination of Luis Fernandez Hebrero was captured by the great masters like Velazquez, Tiziano and Rembrandt. This shifted Luis Fernandez Hebrero to begin studying art. This unique duo of backgrounds in both botany and art allows Luis Fernandez Hebrero to capture the landscape of his beloved Spain in a unique and distinct manner.

“Paisage 2” Luis Fernandez Hebrero

In the striking painting, Paisage 2, translated to mean “Landscape 2″, Luis Fernandez Hebrero uses the advantage of a high viewpoint to lay out a scenic Spanish village before us on canvas. The unique technique of Luis Fernandez Hebrero is immediately recognizable. Though technically an impressionist artist, you can see influences of cubism and pointillism in Luis Fernandez Hebrero’s work. Using large square, succinct blocks of color, and the image of Luis Fernandez Hebrero’s village takes form. By examining the edges of the swatches of paint, one can see that Luis Fernandez Hebrero probably uses his palate knife to create Paisage 2, instead of the traditional brush. Close-up, the scene becomes an abstraction of rectangular hues, and when taking a step back, Luis Fernandez Hebrero’s detailed and beautifully composed landscape takes shape before your eyes.

Luis Fernandez Hebrero is a master of color. Luis Fernandez Hebrero is uses violets and grapes to resemble countryside filled with blooms, grayed greens to symbolize the rolling, grassy hillside. Burnt oranges makeup the rooftops of the white buildings in the town Luis Fernandez Hebrero depicts. The light Luis Fernandez Hebrero captures in his landscapes seems to brighten his paintings from within, making the work glow with a golden cast. When looking at a painting by Luis Fernandez Hebrero, one is grateful for his background in botany and art, and the ability of Luis Fernandez Hebrero to capture the resplendence of the natural world alongside the old world towns of Madrid in such a expert manner.

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“Vines 15” Mary Margaret Briggs

The abstracted monotypes that Mary Margaret Briggs creates on her home of Vashon Island, Washington, have photorealistic details that come together to create collaged panels. Mary Margaret Briggs’ mixed media pieces come from pieces of her other prints. Mary Margaret Briggs was born and raised and influenced by the colors of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest Mary Margaret Briggs now calls home. Other inspirations for Mary Margaret Briggs’ collages include her former textile design background and the time she spent abroad in Hong Kong.

Vines 15, by Mary Margaret Briggs could readily have been cut from a swatch of fabric she designed in her former profession. The quadrants of positive and negative images of a reaching vine turn and twist in direction around Mary Margaret Briggs’ print. Rich scarlets, golds and chartreuse backgrounds provide heavy contrast to the realistic vines that make up the focal points of Vines 15, created by Mary Margaret Briggs. The negative of the plant are bold and unfilled plots of cream, whereas the heavily veined and detailed positive image of the vines lay on a lighter color of the vine Mary Margaret Briggs created. Such warm colors seem to transpose the cooler toned greens traditionally seen in this piece by Mary Margaret Briggs.

Mary Margaret Briggs uses such unusual media in her collages as found Chinese book pages and joss papers, coarse, small rectangles of bamboo paper that the Chinese burn in traditional ancestor worship ceremonies and funerals. This “ghost money” Mary Margaret Briggs uses, as it’s sometimes referred to, ensures the dead will have abundance in the afterworld. Mary Margaret Briggs also uses cut up pieces of previous monotypes and then gives her pieces an unusually rich, almost velvety finish by covering the artwork with many layers of an oil-based varnish. This finish combined with Mary Margaret Briggs’ use of uncommon papers, gives the prints of Mary Margaret Briggs a texture that reflects that of the foliage she obviously so dearly adores. Mary Margaret Briggs’ love of the natural world is gifted to the viewer in her work.

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Matthew Hasty “Sunrise on Polk Landing”

Artist Matthew Hasty is from the American South above all else. Matthew Hasty’s background of living alongside the expansive skies of the South and the pull of the Mighty Mississippi River have shaped Matthew Hasty’s paintings as nothing else could possibly have done. “My fascination with the Mississippi river and the landscapes of this region have made them my predominant subject matter,” says Matthew Hasty of his paintings. It is this love for landscapes and riverscapes that inform Matthew Hasty’s ethereal and heavenly paintings of the American South.

The calm beauty of the majestic river Mark Twain so loved is the main theme in Polk Landing, a vertically oriented painting of a specific bend in Mississippi River in Tunica, Mississippi by Matthew Hasty. Many critics describe Matthew Hasty’s pieces as “hauntingly beautiful”. Polk Landing by Matthew Hasty captures the river just as the sun is rising, or setting, depending on the interpretation of the viewer. The sun, sky and clouds reflected in the water are also an ever-present theme in the work of Matthew Hasty. A member of The Cloud Appreciation Society, a group with an obsessive love of the full white tufts, one can see Matthew Hasty’s adoration for the unique skies of the South reflected in his work. In Polk Landing, Matthew Hasty uses the fully clouded sky as a marvelously brilliant backdrop for the river.

“As an artist I am interested in values of light. I attempt to make paintings that evoke various moods created by atmospheric phenomena,” reveals Matthew Hasty about his abundance of paintings that capture the light. In Polk Landing by Matthew Hasty, a crop of trees are dark green-black shadows standing to the right side of Matthew Hasty’s composition, framing the river with a contrasting frame. The blue and gold river appears almost still in the painting by Matthew Hasty, though the Mississippi is known to churn at 1.2 miles per hour, on average. This ability to capture the riverscape at a unique period of time is one of Matthew Hasty’s most valuable qualities as a painter. His love for the South flows through his beloved river in his paintings and the viewer is privileged to be present at this rare and sacred place Matthew Hasty so lovingly represents.

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“Pathways #1” Michael Moon

Michael Moon always knew art would be his profession. A strong education in psychology and art gave Michael Moon the background to create the fine art he produces today. After his schooling was complete, an eight year span of near seclusion gave Michael Moon the time to concentrate on his art. This time grew Michael Moon’s connection with his art and with Eastern thought and meditation. To this day, Michael Moon’s art contains symbolism of Eastern practices.

More than the subject or symbolism, the process of creating art is Michael Moon’s focus. The contemporary abstracted art Michael Moon generates tells the tale of his journey while painting. With thick texture, the art of Michael Moon is “a process, however it unfolds, that hopefully is honest, real and valid,” he says. Using color and texture, artist Michael Moon creates a canvas full of movement. Michael Moon says of his art, “Color for me comes from a joy of having hues interplay with each other.” This relationship between tones creates areas where the colors meet and blend into one another within the art by Michael Moon. This tension of tones, Michael Moon’s art has “bits and incidents of color unfolding on their own terms,” he says.

When interacting with his art, Michael Moon says, “Often I see myself in this process as a vessel or conduit where form, color and shape take their own journey.” Michael Moon feels his part in his art is that “consciously or not, there is always a conversation among the tools and materials used and myself,” says Michael Moon. Art is about a love of the paint for Michael Moon- and the love of painting. Surrendering him to the process, artist Michael Moon says, “I may be the vehicle, but the destination, wherever and whatever that is, arrives of its own accord.” The destination of Michael Moon’s art is worth the journey.

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Artist Michael Moon is a contemporary painter whose works include geometric, color-blocked abstractions. In the vein of the Abstract Impressionists of New York in the 1940s, artist Michael Moon believes his paintings are a vehicle for his journey through life. Using this theory, Michael Moon, artist creates series of pieces upon a theme to explore his psyche.


Michael Moon’s “Pathways #34”

A Southern California artist, Michael Moon knew he wanted to be an artist since he was in the second grade. This calling of his ebbed as he sought a degree in educational psychology while in college. Michael Moon’s background in psychology informs the artist’s pieces that seem almost like parts of stories without overt subject matter. After his undergraduate education was completed, artist Michael Moon attended the Art Center College of Design at UCLA to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating art as a professional. During this time at UCLA, Michael Moon the artist began experimenting with unique process of painting on canvas. El Greco’s passion as a painter was a big influence on Michael Moon as an artist; although many artists are affected by El Greco’s impact upon them, Michael Moon took his creed seriously, painting in solitude for over eight years. Quickly Michael Moon became a prolific artist.

One series Michael Moon, the artist, created is Pathways. This collection of paintings contains about eighty pieces and includes artists Michael Moon’s Pathways #34, a burnt orange, red, black and cream abstraction whose title points out several passageways within it. The most obvious “pathway” within the painting is the two dark black circular swaths, but artist Michael Moon also hides paths within the negative space created by the cream rectangles in the center of the piece. Overall, Michael Moon, the artist says about his paintings, “Consciously or not, there is always a conversation among the tools and materials used and myself. The result, when successful, is a hopefully recognizable and enduring mystery that resonates a deep-seated familiarity from the viewer.” Gratefully, the viewer is blessed to be included in Michael Moon’s journey as an artist.

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Paul Chang’s “Mystical Flora”

An artist who grew up in Surinam, South America, Paul Chang transposes his background in the tropical country into brightly colored abstractions of the Amazon rainforest and other equatorial landscapes. Sometimes known as “Pablo” Chang, Paul Chang is masterfully adept at using contrasting and vivid colors. Paul Chang recreates not only magical depictions of his homeland, but also the mood and sense of place of the jungles. Now living in Miami, Florida, Paul Chang uses the art deco colors and style to influence his work.

Mystical Flora, a stunning representation of Paul Chang’s canvases, is a night scene. Paul Chang created a large canary yellow moon that dominates and illuminates the flowering background of the tropics in this painting. Paul Chang gives the viewer a glimpse of the wild world at work in the dark where the trees and vines seem to dance in the moonlight. One would never expect a night scene to remain so lively and give off such a bright mood, but the offering Paul Chang gives his viewers is the chance to escape to South America merely by looking into his paintings. The crisp blue and green hues Paul Chang paints the foliage in Mystical Flora are counterbalanced by the golden tones of the trees and large brown-eyed blooms. This contrast lends a movement to Paul Chang’s piece where the vegetation appears to be swirling in the wind. The way in which Paul Chang blends the impressionistic background against the stark black of the night sky creates a novel composition.

The full and warm moods of the paintings by Paul Chang are unmistakable once the viewer encounters a few of his pieces. This unique style, belonging to Paul Chang, is difficult to claim within the world of many impressionist artists who capture landscapes. Somehow Paul Chang has succeeded with infusing his distinctive background and love of nature into his work and the world is rewarded with a prolific artist’s paintings that bring joy and a sense of play to all who encounter Paul Chang’s work.

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Sarah Waldron’s “Umbrian Hills I”

Artist Sarah Waldron believes art is not an accident, and it doesn’t just happen. Says Sarah Waldron, “I believe an artist’s style and approach do not happen spontaneously. It is a history that grows with the child to the mature artist.” The history of Sarah Waldron, then, must be important to her work, especially when we learn Sarah Waldron always enjoyed helping her mother in the garden as a child, just as she dreamed of becoming a partner in her father’s architectural firm. Sarah Waldron eventually grew into the profession of graphic design and illustration. Then, she followed her true passion of creating fine art, and these influences inform Sarah Waldron’s work today. “I have built a painting from a blank white canvas. My paintings have structure and graphic elements that act as building blocks to move the eye and create patterns of light, value and color. My love of landscape and how the climate changes affect nature as a subject matter harkens back to my childhood activities and love of the outdoors.”, says Sarah Waldron of her work.

Study Sarah Waldron’s painting, Umbrian Hills I, a typical representation of her larger body of work, and one sees Sarah Waldron’s background as a budding gardener in the loving way in which she treats the landscape. The gentle strokes of the brush Sarah Waldron uses in Umbrian Hills I, seem to coax the trees and grasses into existence. Sarah Waldron’s calm palate of golden yellows and greens highlighted with soft blues and grays. This use of color also points to the gentle way Sarah Waldron views the products of the earth. The painting of the undulating hills topped with fences of trees that define the plots of the farmland is given a nostalgic quality through Sarah Waldron’s use of light definition between objects that cast a unifying haze to the entire piece of art.

However the paintings of Sarah Waldron evolved, the artist has captured a style of manipulating impressionist brush strokes, rich and thick with paint, into incredibly realistic works when viewed from afar. This talent belongs to the true artist within Sarah Waldron, the true passion artist Sarah Waldron was obviously meant to follow.

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“4 Seasons – Spring” silhouette by Sharon Sowell

Silhouettes, “a likeness cut from dark material and mounted on a light ground”, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, are the medium Sharon Sowell uses to create her masterfully ornate pieces of art. Demanding, and requiring complete attention to detail, the subjects of Sharyn Sowell’s collages appear so realistic; the viewer must control their urge to walk from side to side in front of them, trying to get a more complete view. Sharyn Sowell chooses the subjects of her work by examining her garden, her playing children or through appreciation of handwriting, wood type prints and patterned papers. Children don’t merely pose for Sharyn Sowell; they are in fact the entire impetus for her craft.

During a long day on a crowded boat, Sharyn Sowell was determined to entertain her fatigued children. Looking around the craft and not finding toys at hand, Sharyn Sowell used the empty lunch bags and her husband’s Swiss army knife scissors. Sharyn Sowell then cut out an array of animals and Noah’s Ark to keep them entertained. Amazingly, Sharyn Sowell immediately took to the scissors as if they were an extension of her own hands, creating incredibly detailed silhouettes. Sharyn Sowell begins her pieces with a single piece of paper and uses scissors to cut the images free-hand. After the focal point of the collage is complete, Sharyn Sowell then uses pastels, watercolors, type from her antique press and calligraphy to create the. After the image has the general look Sharyn Sowell is aiming for, Sharyn Sowell then uses digital enhancements to place finishing touches on her work.

Sharyn Sowell is known mostly for silhouettes of nature’s elements and sweet forms of life. Of her inspirations, Sharyn Sowell says, “Every day I am surrounded by miracles that keep me in awe. My inspirations are the commonplace things we often walk by without even seeing.” Through Sharyn Sowell’s eager observance of the everyday, the viewer is gifted with a unique revival of an age-old art almost lost in time. Sharyn Sowell masterfully brings silhouettes into the twenty first century with her own modern take on the process. It is the viewer who is then allowed to delight in Sharyn Sowell’s most simple of occurrences.

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