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I love all things modern! The clean lines and creative process whether art, architecture, design or literature of modernism always thrill me. Last Sunday was no exception, when I went on the Modern Atlanta Home Tour.

Modern Atlanta is an organization that each year takes a week and organizes a series of events to celebrate all that is modern and going on in Atlanta. One of the sponsors is Metropolitan Home mag and that is how I started my week of modernism, dining with my good friend Linda O’Keeffe, Creative Director of Met Home while we discussed current architecture projects in the world.keeffe-3623795 Linda travels the world to bring us new stories about modern design, if you want to see where she is and what she is seeing follow her on twitter.
Sunday was the culmination of the week and I took the home tour and visited residences throughout the city that celebrate the modern aesthetic. There were three that in my opinion were exceptional and worth a mention. The most outstanding was a home in Ansley park.modern-home-11-1441762 It was an addition on a beautiful traditional home in Ansley. The addition was one of the most remarkable works of residential architecture I have ever seen. It was the perfect blend of modernism meets historical Ansley Park from the early 20th century. The architects were BLDGS and the duo’s talent was prevalent everywhere from the unique choices and executions of materials to blending with a building dating back to 1910.modern-home-21-5632954 It is inspirational. I was also thrilled to find two works of art by Artaissance artist T.L. Lange. Here is a beautiful figurative that was on display.

The second home that really impressed me was also in Ansley on Montgomery Ferry. It soars above street level 4 floors and reaches skyward 60 feet. modern-home-31-1169452It was designed by the architecture firm Dencity LLC and is a beautiful study in steel, concrete and glass. The views are beautiful throughout the house including views in the back overlooking  a lovely pool and entertaining deck.

We saw many on the tour, but the final one that really captured me was the Bickley Residence designed by Tamara Bickley. This really was the essence of restrained white, accented with punches of color in the interior. modern-home-4-8176260The home consisted of a series of pavilions that were connected by beautiful hallways creating vistas to accentuate a particular architectural feature. The best of these comes from standing at the front gate and seeing all the way through the house and across the lap pool to a pool house.

It was a great day and very inspiring. If you would like to see more photos of these homes, check out my Modern Home Set on Flickr. Tell us about a favorite piece of architecture that has inspired you lately.


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