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We know they all have extremely varied opinions and they’ve each had their favorite contestants throughout this exciting season of Fox’s Reality TV Hit, American Idol. So… this leads me to wonder: “What kind of art would the American Idol judges and host gravitate to?”

Over the past eight seasons (woah!) we’ve become familiar with these characters: Paula’s the “nice one”, albeit a bit flighty; Simon is “Mr. Mean”; Randy is always cool and laid back; and the rookie on the team, Kara, is proving to really know her stuff & speak her mind. Of course Ryan can’t be left out of this mix as the personable, witty antagonist to Simon (he must have his favs, too). So, based solely on the show, I’ve matched each judge and host with a piece of art that I feel would be most “them.” Let me know if you think I’ve hit the nail on the head or if you think I’m totally off base:

First up, the infamous Simon Cowell. As an American Idol judge, he is notorious for his unsparingly blunt and often controversial criticisms, insults and wisecracks about contestants and their singing ability – or lack thereof.

simon-cowell-8271504   architecture-of-lines-i-by-eugene-motz-4340876

Because of this, I’ve paired Simon with a stark black and white linear graphic. “Architecture of Lines I” by Eugene Motz is an ideal image for Simon – it’s almost as if his many judgments passed on American Idol contestants through the years have all crossed lines, forming this one unique piece. 

Next is Randy, a guy who rarely gives negative feedback, and when he does, it’s constructive. As a renowned figure within the music industry, Randy has keyed the phrase: “That was off the chain, Dawgg…” when referring to a contestant’s great performance. Randy’s relaxed, cool vibe is a welcome relief to Simon’s sometimes-harsh reviews.

randy-jackson-6699864   skillset-of-an-elevated-mind38-by-rodney-white-9436719 

It’s due to Randy’s “chill” demeanor that I’ve selected an image by artist Rodney White, titled “Skillset of an Elevated Mind 38″. This interpretation of street art screams “hip” and the characteristic distressing adds to it’s charm – much like Randy’s off the cuff phrases. 

Paula is a well-loved, yet sometimes quirky, judge who joined the cast as a former pop star and icon in the music industry. Her almost-always positive feedback makes her a fan favorite and her wardrobe is a performance in and of itself! Paula is not afraid to stand up to Simon when they disagree, and her fearlessness when performing as a musical guest on the show, is inspiring.

paula-abdul-5192053   seaside-by-fred-lisaius-5353817

All of Paula’s characteristics portrayed on the show, led me to select this fun, feminine, vibrant piece, “Seaside” by Fred Liasius. The fantastic colors and subject of the piece are traditional, yet the floral imagery is depicted in a funky, modern way, much like Paula herself.

Kara DioGuardi, is a new addition to the American Idol judge’s table, and a welcome one with her hugely successful song writing and producing career. She’s added new energy and a new dynamic to the panel, often backing Paula up for more “girl power.” When she’s not pleased with a performance, she lets the contestant know – but offer’s help and suggestions at the same time.

kara-diogiardi-7568944   music-makers-by-katrina-whitney-2103118

Her smart comments, excellent feedback and history of success in the music industry led me to select the image, “Music Makers” by Katrina Whitney for Kara. This vintage inspired piece pairs a contemporary color combination with music-themed text and graphics which work well together.

Finally, the lovable, and charismatic host, Ryan. By showcasing his winning personality in front of the camera and behind the scenes, in many forms of media, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has skyrocketed into a position on the “Celebrity 100 Power List.” However, as host, Ryan seems extremely real and down to earth.

ryan-seacrest-4235161   circles-on-stripes-2-7885396

For Ryan, I selected a fun graphic by Kathy Croson titled “Circles on Stripes 2.” The masculine, trendy color scheme portrays Ryan’s sense of style, while the mod, bubbly shapes mimic his energetic personality.

So, what do you think? Are the American Idol judges and host’s personalities captured in these works of art, or do you have something else in mind? Visit us tomorrow for a peak at the artwork Chris & Adam, the finalists, might enjoy.


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