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Do you ever truly think about all the different ways people express themselves with art? All day long we encounter art, but often we aren’t thinking of it that way.

food-1-7844751For example, it wasn’t too long ago when food was simply plopped onto the plate and dinner was served. Today, in many restaurants, and not just the 5-star variety, food plating is a big part of the dining experience. There are even books on the subject. One is called Working the Plate: The Art of Food Presentation by by Christopher Styler.

Grafitti is another form of artistic expression. Some of it is amazing art but sometimes what amazes me even more is the guts and determination the tagger had to accomplish it. I just hope it doesn’t show up in my neighborhood! 

angelina-jolie-tattoos-photos-4337184Tattoos are a very personal expression of art for the body. I remember when I was a kid, a friend and I were riding bikes farther from home than we were supposed to. We saw a guy with a tattoo on his arm and thought for sure he was a mass-murderer! Today, tattoos are showing up everywhere and on everybody. People like Angelina Jolie probably help make them even more popular. Of course she is also making tattoo removal another business to get into! She once had a Billy Bob tattoo on her arm that doesn’t seem to be there anymore!


I have long had a fascination with architecture. Frank Gehry is one of my favorites and the Guggenheim Bilbao is a stunning example of his work. In the past couple years, Dubai keeps capturing my attention as I continue to see the outlandish new architecture there. If you haven’t seen what is going on, even the land itself is being turned into an artistic expression. From an arial view one resort looks like a world map.

Being an artist myself, I love that our world is becoming more and more of a canvas for artists everywhere. The next time you head to work, go out to eat, or take a walk, look for the art you never saw before. It is all around you.


Greg (42)

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