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I’m excited to feature Artaissance artist, Janet Vanderhoof today in our “Artist Spotlight” post! I have to admit that her vineyard pieces are some of my personal favorite artworks out of the 5,000 + available…


“I Am the Vine I” by Janet Vanderhoof

Here’s the story behind Janet Vanderhoof, the artist – what inspires and motivates her? Find out:

Janet Vanderhoof


Janet Vanderhoof , a military brat, by her own definition, was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in l951. She currently resides in rural Northern California, surrounding herself with nature and her inspiration for landscape painting.

It wasn’t until her youngest was born with Down Syndrome that she began to reexamine her life and begin exploring a long-dormant desire to study art. “Finally, at 38, I decided to follow my bliss.” Janet Vanderhoof earned a B.A. from San Jose State University; she continues her education in fine art, through additional college classes, seminars and private lessons.

Vanderhoof is a Colorist and Regionalist, influenced by the Fauves, the German Expressionists and the School of Color and Light, introduced by Hawthorne and Henry Henche, an approach originated by Monet. She likes to call her work “Modern Impressionism.” Her oil paintings are dramatic, with attention to composition, color and light, showing large flat planes of color, offset by areas of bold expressionistic strokes. She enjoys using rich neutrals to counter balance the use of pure bright color. “My first love is color; it is the emotional force behind all my paintings.” Janet Vanderhoof loves to paint most any subject, but her true love lies in her landscapes.

I hope you were as touched by Janet’s story as I was icon_smile-1169523 Now that you understand what makes Janet Vanderhoof the great artist she is, here are a few of my favorite pieces by her:


“New Growth“


“The Wilcox House“


“Kiekne Vineyard“


“After The Day’s Work“

Well, I certainly enjoyed that glimpse into the life & work of artist Janet Vanderhoof… If you’d like to connect to Janet online, visit her Twitter page where she always shares the most insightful Tweets about art and life.

Thanks for the inspiring art, Janet!


Arlynn (66)

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