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In essence, it’s like designing backward. “Have frame- need art.” We’ve all been there, haven’t we?  What to do? Here’s my tell all experience that may give you design inspiration too.

I’d carried this beautiful frame from house to house in all my relocations over the last few years, my husband giving me the “eye” every time he realized I’d still not done anything with it! It was an incredibly beautiful- and highly valuable- triple stacked Raphael custom frame, unusually sized at 30” x 40” and I was determined that it would be a showpiece for my favored space when I found just the right art for it…someday.


How often we start to design a project with samples and inspiration for style; gathering our materials and customizing the finished interior design. Sometimes we work the process backward from a particular object or around a certain aesthetic requirement. In this case, my 5 ½” wide frame with Byzantine designs in bronze, could perfectly accent the European feel I hoped to build around warm, brandy hued leather and iridescent peacock coloring in tapestry fabrics combined with my antique furnishings.

The frame being a set size would normally make for an arduous, possibly hopeless, journey looking for artwork that I could love and live with that would actually fit within the frame without having to be cut or artsample_hands1-1553710altered in some way. However, with new custom sizing options in fine art reproduction services and the ability to order a mini sample of the images I had interest in was very exciting! Suddenly the possibilities for art that fit my frame were endless! 

I quickly browsed thousands of Artaissance images and saved many favorites within My Art Gallery, checking the custom sizing option to suit my need for a 30” x 40” canvas. The samples were framed-morning-walk-7718137like mini swatches- I could see the artistic detail, color and relationship to my frame within my room setting and easily make a decision to then order my artwork. I chose Morning Walk by Ted Goerschner on canvas, as it reminded me of past travels and beautiful memories. Just as importantly, within my frame, it made for an absolute showpiece given its finished size, quality, color and relationship to my personal style.

There’s a whole new dimension to the meaning of “Custom” art now. You can certainly suit custom sizing and samples to your advantage for your own art and framing projects with Art That Fits. Enjoy! We love to hear from you, please feel free to share your stories too!


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