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I’m excited to shine the spotlight on Artaissance artist, Bonnie Charleston-Stevens, today! Her photography is simply stunning & truly seems to capture the essence of each and every subject. Not to mention that many of her landscape photos are making me dream of cool fall & brisk winter weather!

Read below to learn more about how the artist Bonnie Charleston-Stevens got started and what motivates her today:

Bonnie Charleston-Stevens

Bonnie’s first camera was a little Kodak Instamatic – the kind with the cube flash that makes anyone see spots. When she turned 21, she bought her first 35mm, manual SLR and walked out of the camera shop ready to take on the world.

Bonnie attended University of Hartford Art School and graduated from Temple University. She has made pottery, carved clay, painted and sketched. She became very busy with work and raising a child, but even when all other creative pursuits were put on the back burner, photography remained in the forefront.

In 2004, she began shooting portraits as well as product and commercial photography. She started taking her personal work more seriously and had her first solo show in March of 2007.

Bonnie believes that photography is an amazing medium; it can create a precise record or an interesting distortion. It can be powerful and moving. Like most visual art forms, it can bring to the foreground something worthy that might have been overlooked or undervalued. Photography keeps Bonnie looking for what might be interesting or beautiful. She spends an enormous amount of time just looking.

A few of my favorite artworks by Bonnie Charleston-Stevens:

“View from Bowman’s Tower“

“Church Door“

“Spring Thaw“

I hope you all enjoy Bonnie Charleston-Stevens‘ work as much as I do! What are the subjects of your favorite photographic artworks? Please share icon_smile-6811830


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