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This week’s guest blog post comes from Artaissance friend, Tracey Smith. This post has to be one of my favorite ones she has written! It gives us a glimpse into the lives of her *very* creative children… I think I see a future artist {or two} in the photos she shares!

Read below to learn what magnificent kid’s art her own little artists create day in & day out:

Tracey Smith

My children LOVE to paint – on paper, on cardboard, on scrap metal, on the wall, inside, outside, upside down. It doesn’t really matter to them what they use or where they do it. I think that’s what makes almost every piece so special. Their pure need to express themselves, which bursts out and splatters wherever it may, is so refreshing.

My daughter, who I’ve mentioned previously, is particularly prolific…and messy. She wakes up ready to paint, and on many days, is creating her first masterpiece by 7:00 a.m. She wakes up, she has some cereal, and she says, “Mommy, can I paint something now?” I always try to say yes because I’m sure her need to express herself will end up erupting later in the day, most likely somewhere or on something less desirable than paper.

My son uses less of the eruptive-splatter technique, and more of a methodical, purposeful style. He likes to tell me what he is going to paint, show me his progress along the way, anxiously waits for it to dry once complete, and then is ready to hang it on display in his room. Beginning to end, he is completely in control of the process. He is also very proud. At the school art show last year, I have to admit, I cried. I was proud too. Not because his piece was perfect or the best, but because I could tell in his own quiet way, he thought it was.

Either style, messy or methodical, I am somewhat envious of the kids’ ability to make art. Up to this point, no one has really criticized their work or told them they’re doing it “wrong.” They just make what they feel. I love it.

The school year is just beginning, and I’m sure the art will begin flowing at an even more rapid pace – I can’t wait. The house will be freshly decorated in a matter of weeks!

Here are some whimsical and kid-themed works from Artaissance if you’re looking for some colorful art to add to your collection:

“Power Flower” by Alpha Workshops

“Elephants” by Eleanor Grosch

“Ladybug” by Eleanor Grosch

“Dragonfly, Dragonfly” by Soraya Chemaly

“Cherry Blossom” by Lee Crew

Many thanks, as usual, to our fab friend, Tracey! This was such a fun journey into her kids’ lives & the artwork they so messily create icon_smile-6089775 I can’t wait to see what art-creation techniques develop this school year…