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There’s a crispness in the air, the kid’s are falling into their back-to-school routine and football is back on TV – this all means one thing – it’s fall. And after all of those “Summer Spruce-up” projects, your home should be feeling just right… No?!? Well, maybe it’s time to bring a little of this beautiful Autumn season into your own home decor.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to create seasonal tablescapes for your dining room table. In my case, the formal dining room is one of the first rooms guests see when they enter my home. And since it’s not a space I use everyday, it presents the perfect canvas for a creative little project of my own…


I attempted to keep it relatively simple, because although it’s a “formal” living room, it is open to many of the other living spaces, which aren’t so formal. Much of my inspiration I got from “Autumn tablescape” searches on Google images – I especially liked the tables that didn’t use table linens in a traditional way.



Another great idea I scored from my searches was using sheet moss as that green element… I liked that it wasn’t something I’d have to constantly cater to & water all of the time, but it adds that perfect natural touch and softness to the table design.



Finally, my other must-have Autumn table scape element was the natural “filler” found at most home decor stores – many times it’s scented, so be sure you get something you’ll enjoy living with for a while. I was fortunate enough to find some beautiful filler with small pine cones, nuts and other small little items in fall-like colors and in unique textures. This filler was used in the two large, glass containers & within small glass bowls sitting atop me and my husband’s wedding china…


The Autumn tablescape is an ideal way to welcome in a new season and it also allows me to enjoy our wedding china on a day-to-day bases, as opposed to only big celebration dinners – something I love icon_smile-5836793

Now that I’ve designed my ideal Autumn tablescape, I’m ready to turn my sights to my walls! In my perfect world, I’d have art throughout my home that I could change out according to the season, or just on a whim, ha! Now… if I were selecting that Autumn art for my home, these would be my must-have pieces:


“Smith and Hawkins” by Kristin Nelson


“Squash 1” by OM


“Palm Persimmon” by Thomaspaul

I hope you all are inspired to bring a little bit of Autumn into your own home decor through artwork – either on your walls or on your table icon_smile-5836793 Let’s plan another Seasonal meet-up here where we can discuss Winter tablescapes, okay?!?


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