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                                                THEN: cm-16-1-1177_img_assist_custom-5707681When I was a kid my Mom bought me Paint by Number kits to keep me occupied when I was sick enough to stay home from school. If we went to the drug store to get cough syrup or whatever else I needed, I recall stopping in the toy aisle to choose which painting I wanted to get. I know at the time I was very proud of those paintings, but since then I have never really paid attention to them again.

NOW: I was surprised to find out that the Smithsonian actually had a show featuring Paint by Number art in 2002. The show was called “Paint by Numbers: Accounting for Taste in the 1950’s.” 

Now that time has passed, I can see that many of these paintings are as kitschy as I thought they were, but others are surprisingly quite nice. Paint by Numbers artwork has become a sought after collectible in the past couple decades. The pieces shown here have some good artistic qualities.

 A nice custom frame design can do wonders to help these paintings look up to date and even stylish. For example, look at the framing below on the left. It looks tired and dated. To the right, I have digitally inserted the same art into a present day frame design to show the transformation. If you have hung onto your old Paint by Number artwork, your local custom framer can work magic with it too!



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