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I’m excited to share another guest post from Artaissance friend, Meg Lange. In the past she’s shared with us her inspiration behind family sewing projects as well as her love of all things owl-inspired. Today, she shares her thoughts on art for kids… apparently her life has quickly turned from everything wedding to everything baby & she’s taking it in stride, oh and thinking about art along the way, which you know we love icon_smile-5329313

Without further adieu, I present Baby Room Boom by Meg Lange:

All of a sudden, my life went from wedding showers every weekend to baby showers every weekend. And just as I eventually tire of my frequent visits to Bed, Bath & Beyond and Macy’s to look at wedding registries, my excitement about a visit to Babies R’ Us has waned.

I am in full support of registries, don’t get me wrong – but, sometimes you need to flex your creative muscles and really wow the parents-to-be with an especially thoughtful and unique gift. Artwork for nurseries can be an afterthought for many new parents, but when given as a gift becomes a welcome surprise. It is also a great gift for those second and third babies when all of the Diaper Genies, Bumbos and sippy cups have been crossed off the list.

You can usually find out what the nursery decor will be by visiting the parent’s registries and viewing their bedding sections. Here are some of the latest trends I’m noticing in baby decor and some very cute suggestions of coordinating artwork:

Artist Eleanor Grosch has the perfect pieces for a “Vroom…” transportation-themed babies’ room!




Next, artist Katrina Whitney’s vintage inspired series is ideal for a baby who might just have an old world Parisian style – such a sophisticated little one!

“Scenes from the Circus“

“Music Makers“

“Bike and Bird“

Animals and bugs (only the cute ones, of course) will always play an important role in nursery decor. Here are a few of my favorites…

“Horse” by Eleanor Grosch

“Deer Lying Down” by Kate Endle

“Bee” by Eleanor Grosch

“Pony #6” by Katie Upton

Ever notice how new parents like to put their child’s name everywhere?!? I think it’s because they are so relieved to have finally selected a name that they want to scream it from the rooftops! Why don’t you help them spell it out on a wall with the alphabet series from Rodney White or the Biltmore Collection…?

“Ben” spelled out in Rodney White’s alphabet series.


“Meg” spelled out in the alphabet series from the Biltmore Collection.

As you can see, the options are virtually endless when it comes to selecting art for a kid’s room… And who wouldn’t love a beautiful piece of art for baby’s room?!? Many thanks to Meg for her fantastic guest blog posting.  We can’t wait to see more!


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