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We’re very excited to share another guest post from the ever so effervescent, Meg Lange, who recently wrote about her love of all things owl-inspired. This time, our friend Meg comes clean about her sewing talents, or lack thereof… Read on:

I’ll be up front about something – I can hardly sew a button. I have no skills when it comes to the art of sewing, quilting or cross-stitching. But – my mom has a talent for it. She’s gifted! In fact, she used to sew whole outfits for my sister and me; including an infamous blue velvet Christmas cape and muff set, circa 1991.

These days, she mostly sticks to quilting. She gives them away as gifts, along with all of the blood, sweat and tears that go into these laborious beauties. Every baby that is born into our family receives a quilt. It’s fun to pick out the fabrics for each baby and attempt to capture the essence of that little unknown person.

We have a new baby boy coming joining the family this May. The baby’s working name is currently “Egg-Boy,” which was determined by his four year old brother. It’s time to pick some new fabrics and I am really pushing for some Amy Butler designs. I learned about Amy when we added her artwork to our Artaissance gallery.

Amy has a line called Midwest Modern 2 – I was drawn to this collection because my family lives in the Midwest. This grouping is called “Ohio Sky.” Wouldn’t this make a fantastic baby quilt!?

And… how perfect would this artwork look in “Egg-Boy’s” baby room, right over the crib?!? It’s called “Georgia Grass” by Amy Butler. I’ve somehow managed to merge my two worlds – Illinois and Georgia – into a perfect blend of baby bliss!

I am so inspired that I might just have to take some sewing classes. Or at least, learn how to sew that button!

Many thanks to our reoccurring guest blogger, Meg Lange – we can’t wait to see what your first baby quilt looks like! Readers – keep an eye out for Meg’s next Art That Fits blog post, “Bright Lights, Big City, Small Apartment.” It’s sure to be exciting!


Arlynn (69)

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