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Well I can’t believe that I almost forgot to share with you the absolute cutest guest blog post by our friend Tracey! You may remember Tracey from guest blog posts such as “Messy & Magnificent Kid’s Art” and her “Inspiring End-of-Summer Road Trip.” This post is just as sweet as her others & features something very special that occurs each year in her hometown, a rubber ducky race down the river, ha! Read below to learn more about this very unique event in Tracey’s local community:

Tracey Smith


While attending a recent community event, two things become apparent to me. First, my personal calendar of “must do” cultural events could use an upgrade to include festivities that require something a little bit dressier than my usual flip flops or Uggs (though I’m not even sure I could dig out another pair of shoes from my storage room at this point). And second, people really, really love ducks!

Funny… yes?!?

And just in case you forgot yours icon_smile-3046338

To go with the decorating theme – rubber ducky yellow balloons!

When I witnessed the enthusiasm by adults and children alike for the rubber ducky race down the river, I started to think about how ducks, both toys and real, do bring joy to so many people. It really wasn’t a surprise. Ducks influence art, decor and even language. The thought of Ernie from Sesame Street singing “Rubber Ducky You’re the One…” even popped into my head. Do kids today still know that one? It’s an oldie, but goodie!

One of my more artistic photos…

One common practice, “feeding the ducks,” can be a destination event or can often times happen spontaneously. Either way, people love feeding ducks. making duck sounds is also a popular activity for people under the age of four (I think that’s about the age where it becomes “old.”). Although, for many a hunter, the need to make duck sounds can resurface later in life.

When asked how she was, my grandmother often responded, “I’m just ducky!” I think the word “ducky” probably perfectly explained how she felt too. It made me happy just to hear her say it. I’m not sure if I can pull it off, but I think I might try to incorporate ducky into my own favorite sayings. I really like it icon_smile-3046338

Here’s a more natural duck photo I took a few months ago… apparently I was loving ducks then too and didn’t realize it!

Same river as the one pictured in the ducky derby – popular place for ducks!

If you love ducks, like so many people do, and would like to incorporate some info your life, here are a few works that feature our friends, the ducks:

“Mergansers” by Eleanor Grosch

“Ducks on the Water” courtesy of Biltmore

“Ducks” by Eleanor Grosch

I’ve never seen a rubber ducky race before – that’s just too cute! Tracey, you’re a very lucky duck to have been able to witness this rubber ducky race and thanks a million for sharing it with all of us! Oh, and of course, sharing Artaissance artwork that features some favorite feathered friends icon_smile-3046338

Hope you’re all feeling very ducky this week!