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I’m thrilled to be able to share another guest blog post from Artaissance friend, Tracey Smith, with you today! Tracey writes about some very inspiring Western landscapes that she saw along her family’s recent road trip to Grandma’s house, yea! Without further ado, I give you Ms Tracey Smith and her “Inspiring End of Summer Road Trip” guest blog post:

Tracey Smith


Road Trip…

This summer has been a whirlwind of travel, and also a reminder about many of the things about the West that I love most. In just one day, my family and I covered the majestic mountains of Colorado, the open flatlands of Wyoming, the desert-like landscape in Utah, and up the mountains again… to Grandma’s house we go!

It’s amazing to me that even today we can drive for hundreds of miles at a time through wide-open spaces and hardly see a town. Of course, I’m always hoping out car doesn’t break down as we often have no cell coverage (Yes, while I love the great outdoors, I have an undeniable need to be connected to help, should I need it.) and seeing other cars can be a bit spotty.

I am grateful that the scenery around us on our road trips can completely soothe me and overshadow the continuous inquiries from the kids, which happen on 30-second intervals, asking, “How many minutes ’til we get there?” My husband and I try to emphasize the importance of the journey and hope that eventually the idea will take hold. Eventually…

A few pictures taken from a recent road trip – amateur at best!



On the same journey to Grandma’s house, we also encountered an abundance of animals. Some species were far more exciting than others – elk, deer, wild and domestic horses, buffalo, rabbits, cows, llamas (or maybe alpaca… I’m not sure), a few close calls with prairie dogs and a rat. We also saw several dinosaur remains and happily, for the kids, a cricket or two. Beyond the scenery and wildlife, rodeos and festivals where everywhere as well.

I have to say, I never tire of the beauty. I am so thankful for artists who have captured the wonderful landscapes, wildlife and heritage for everyone to enjoy.

Here are a few pieces of Western-themed art by Artaissance artists – art I love!


“American Series Rodeo” by J.M. Steele


“Cowboy” by Johnny Taylor


“Evening Graze” by Terry Sauve


“MKH-41” by Martin Henson

I feel like we just took that ever-so-scenic road trip with the Smith family icon_smile-6843792 Thanks for sharing Tracey! I hope you all enjoyed this little excursion… And speaking of excursions, where are your favorite places to go on a road trip to and why???


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