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I had a fun surprise the other day when I was in Seattle. While wondering around downtown, a huge pig came driving down the street. I had to blink and look twice to make sure I saw what I saw. It was still morning and I had not imbided in anything stronger than orange juice so I knew it had to be real. It rolled past too quickly for me to even think about taking a picture. A few minutes later I encountered the same giant pig in a parking lot so I did get my chance to take pictures. I walked all around it, in awe of someone’s creative vision and the talent to bring it to reality. I took a couple more pix and decided to see if I could find out what this road hog was all about.

When I got home, I googled Maximus Minimus, assuming it would be a dead-end. I was surprised to find a lot written about it. Turns out, this is a brand new “lunch wagon” and it seems to be getting a ton of press. I also found a cool video in which Colin Reedy, designer of the vehicle, is interviewed.

Artistic abilities come in all shapes and sizes to be sure. I wasn’t familiar with Colin Reedy but have quickly become super impressed with his abundant talent. As a furniture designer, his artistic talents shine in the finished form of each piece. In 1993, before “green” became the international phenomenon it is today, Colin was a founding member of MetaMorf Design and has won numerous awards for creating products using recycled plastic and other ecological materials.

Further research on Reedy proved even more interesting. He repurposes shipping containers into living spaces. How can one man have such enormous and diverse talent? Wow! In addition, he is an adventurous world traveler.

I have found a new hero, all because of a pig!


Greg (42)

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