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To continue the guest blogger excitement here on the Art That Fits blog, I’d love to introduce you to a fabulous Team Member and fun friend of mine, Meg Lange:


Meg works with us as Product Coordinator and creative-thinker extraordinaire – she’s got one great imagination! One thing I appreciate about Meg is her love of all things owl. In her post below, Meg describes her love of this bird of night and how it became a part of her home & life…

Have you noticed that owls have come home to roost in the latest home decor and fashion trends? They’re everywhere! As a lover of owls, I am delighted. I began collecting these sweet little birds a couple of years ago, thanks to my Grandma, who has collected owls for many years and helped me start my own collection of owl paraphernalia. Here’s a photo of Grandma, with her favorite “toddy” – a Cosmopolitan:


Grandma began my collection with a couple of small crystal owls as well as this kitschy owl made of shells and topped off with a pair of googly eyes – what’s not to love?! It makes me laugh and think of her. However… I really have my eye on a fantastic white ceramic owl cookie jar of hers icon_smile-9750665


My own collection has flourished with the latest owl craze. Here are a couple of my favorite owl items:


This necklace from Forever 21 cost me about $3 – such a steal! It’s the perfect eclectic touch to jazz up an otherwise dull outfit.


These salt and pepper shakers, from tag, debuted in my kitchen this fall. I intended to transition to a different pair of shakers for the winter season, but I just don’t have the heart to put them away.


This pretty pair of owls have a clean, modern shape and are made of ivory marble. They’re the perfect little accent on a bookshelf or side table – I’m always getting compliments on them!


Finally, I call this piece my Night Owl. This piece, from Artaissance, is titled “Blinky” and is from artist, Kate Endle. It hangs perfectly in my bedroom. This piece is framed in a Larson-Juhl Sofia frame. If you’d like your own Night Owl, click here or here to see other bird-inspired artwork.

Just remember… “If you expect to soar with the eagles during the day, you can’t hoot with the owls at night!”


Arlynn (76)

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