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May is National Photography Month (as recognized by Congress in 1987) and although there are just a few days left in the month, there’s always time to celebrate this form of art!

It’s a perfect time to recognize famous photographers such as Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz, Art Wolfe and Alfred Stieglitz as well as some of my favorite photographers whose images are available at ArtThatFits, including Nichole Sloan, Doug Landreth and Thea Schrack. Here are a few select views as seen through the lens:

“Road, Nevada Desert” by Ansel Adams

Nicole Kidman, New York 2003 – Annie Leibovitz, courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery

Art Wolfe

“Two Towers” by Alfred Stieglitz

“Purple Beauty” by Nichole Sloan

“Parisian Lamp” by Doug Landreth

“Poppies 4″ by Thea Schrack

I hope these images inspire you to either bring photography into your own home, or to dust off your camera. Happy National Photography Month!


Arlynn (87)

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