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A few years ago, Greg shared a beautiful Memorial Day post in honor and celebration of the 2009 Memorial Day holiday. It was such a lovely tribute to our nation’s special day, that I thought I’d re-post and share some beautiful American-themed art to go along with it. Enjoy our look back on Greg’s 2009 Memorial Day post, still very applicable today…

Greg Perkins



Today is a special day for America. It is the day we honor the men and women who have given their lives defending our country. We owe these individuals, as well as the familes they left behind, our debt and gratitude.

As a child, I didn’t understand Memorial Day. I just knew that we got an extra day off from school and that was fine with me! If you know a child who doesn’t know why we celebrate Memorial Day, visit Apples4theteacher for a fun, interactive art project that may help you tell the story. Isn’t it amazing how everything relates to art?

While Memorial Day was designated to remember those who are no longer with us, it is also important to acknowledge all of the men and women who currently serve our country. Become a Soldier’s Angel and connect with someone on the front line by writing letters or sending cards to them. And to the many veterans who did make it home…

Thank you.

And thank you Greg for sharing such a special perspective of what Memorial Day means to you! I’d also like to share some lovely art picks that would work to bring some of that American pride into your home for this special holiday and any time of year:


“Freedom I” by John Runne


“Patriotic Boy and Girl” by Sharyn Sowell


“American Series Rodeo” by J.M. Steele


“Patriotic Parade” by Sharyn Sowell

Happy Memorial Day to you all!


Arlynn (89)

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