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“Pathways #1” Michael Moon

Michael Moon always knew art would be his profession. A strong education in psychology and art gave Michael Moon the background to create the fine art he produces today. After his schooling was complete, an eight year span of near seclusion gave Michael Moon the time to concentrate on his art. This time grew Michael Moon’s connection with his art and with Eastern thought and meditation. To this day, Michael Moon’s art contains symbolism of Eastern practices.

More than the subject or symbolism, the process of creating art is Michael Moon’s focus. The contemporary abstracted art Michael Moon generates tells the tale of his journey while painting. With thick texture, the art of Michael Moon is “a process, however it unfolds, that hopefully is honest, real and valid,” he says. Using color and texture, artist Michael Moon creates a canvas full of movement. Michael Moon says of his art, “Color for me comes from a joy of having hues interplay with each other.” This relationship between tones creates areas where the colors meet and blend into one another within the art by Michael Moon. This tension of tones, Michael Moon’s art has “bits and incidents of color unfolding on their own terms,” he says.

When interacting with his art, Michael Moon says, “Often I see myself in this process as a vessel or conduit where form, color and shape take their own journey.” Michael Moon feels his part in his art is that “consciously or not, there is always a conversation among the tools and materials used and myself,” says Michael Moon. Art is about a love of the paint for Michael Moon- and the love of painting. Surrendering him to the process, artist Michael Moon says, “I may be the vehicle, but the destination, wherever and whatever that is, arrives of its own accord.” The destination of Michael Moon’s art is worth the journey.