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Matthew Hasty “Sunrise on Polk Landing”

Artist Matthew Hasty is from the American South above all else. Matthew Hasty’s background of living alongside the expansive skies of the South and the pull of the Mighty Mississippi River have shaped Matthew Hasty’s paintings as nothing else could possibly have done. “My fascination with the Mississippi river and the landscapes of this region have made them my predominant subject matter,” says Matthew Hasty of his paintings. It is this love for landscapes and riverscapes that inform Matthew Hasty’s ethereal and heavenly paintings of the American South.

The calm beauty of the majestic river Mark Twain so loved is the main theme in Polk Landing, a vertically oriented painting of a specific bend in Mississippi River in Tunica, Mississippi by Matthew Hasty. Many critics describe Matthew Hasty’s pieces as “hauntingly beautiful”. Polk Landing by Matthew Hasty captures the river just as the sun is rising, or setting, depending on the interpretation of the viewer. The sun, sky and clouds reflected in the water are also an ever-present theme in the work of Matthew Hasty. A member of The Cloud Appreciation Society, a group with an obsessive love of the full white tufts, one can see Matthew Hasty’s adoration for the unique skies of the South reflected in his work. In Polk Landing, Matthew Hasty uses the fully clouded sky as a marvelously brilliant backdrop for the river.

“As an artist I am interested in values of light. I attempt to make paintings that evoke various moods created by atmospheric phenomena,” reveals Matthew Hasty about his abundance of paintings that capture the light. In Polk Landing by Matthew Hasty, a crop of trees are dark green-black shadows standing to the right side of Matthew Hasty’s composition, framing the river with a contrasting frame. The blue and gold river appears almost still in the painting by Matthew Hasty, though the Mississippi is known to churn at 1.2 miles per hour, on average. This ability to capture the riverscape at a unique period of time is one of Matthew Hasty’s most valuable qualities as a painter. His love for the South flows through his beloved river in his paintings and the viewer is privileged to be present at this rare and sacred place Matthew Hasty so lovingly represents.