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If you live in or near the San Diego area a not-to-miss event is Art Alive at the San Diego Museum of Art! Being a resident of our southern states, I hadn’t heard of this event until recently, but am excited to learn more and spread the word to those of you who may be lucky enough to attend.  

Through the Art Alive event, the San Diego Museum of Art’s permanent collection will come to life as more than 100 regional designers transform gallery spaces with floral interpretations of the museum’s renowned artwork as part of the 28th annual Art Alive exhibition.

Here are a few Art Alive images from previous events:

I love how the fun, vibrant colors of the artwork are reflected in this uber chic & modern floral arrangement! The combination of soft, ruffled flowers, sleek glass and knotty twigs is unexpected, but really works. The spherical shapes, linear vase and vertical twigs in the arrangement are perfectly aligned with the artwork.

The artistic floral interpretation of this painting is very clever. This florist found the perfect blooms to represent the items in the still life painting. For example, the simple carrots in the painting have become elegant Birds of Paradise prominently displayed in their own basket. With a nod to flora, new life is breathed into this traditional painting.

This might be my favorite representation. The connection between this floral and the figurative painting it was designed to echo, seems obvious as far as color goes – but the florist took it a step further incorporating unique texture in the design. The bright green Bells of Ireland mimic the boy’s hat as well as add depth, contrast and height to the arrangement, while the dainty white blossoms resemble his face and intricate collar. Overall, this is a bright, cheerful rendition of the boy in green.

This final arrangement is a great depiction of the female figurative painting. What I like best is the way the whispy leaves mimic the shadows on the beach and the free form of the tall plant perfectly illustrates her graceful stroll. I can almost feel those branches swaying in the cool breeze…


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