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Recently I was looking for ideas for the perfect gift, something I could craft myself and tap into my creative spirit! I came across this Country Living feature about a  centuries old technique making quite a comeback with creative designers using silhouettes in today’s home decor and fashionable accessories. What a way to for me to make adorable art of Auntie Guin’s little tykes! Of course, I could also make a fine wall grouping of my own…

I found that with historical significance, the silhouette has been an enduring art form for many since 1650 starting as an entertainment at social gatherings with guests keeping them as souvenirs. Perfect as party favors! Today’s resurgence inspires chic design in modern applications for a clean, crisp yet graphic addition to many home furnishings, wall coverings, stationary, and even jewelry.

Easy to create, you can personalize your own family and friends in unique and clever patterns as seen in this charming display framed with a variety of Larson Juhl moulding designs. Picture your own theme with colors and patterns to match your wit and personality!

I’ve also seen clever collages, displayed in various sizes, dedicated to one theme such as favored pets, flowers, and book characters. It’s also quite dramatic when there is a unifying color or design element.

Sharyn Sowell, an amazing artist and entrepreneurial spirit, specializes in creating one of a kind silhouettes. She mused that her start came from being confined to a fishing boat with a pair of restless toddlers and two avid fishermen. She used her husband’s Swiss army knife scissors and the children’s’ lunch bags to cut out Noah’s ark and a zoo full of animals. Merely trying to amuse the boys, she never suspected she’d just fallen head over heels into a love affair with scissors and paper! View Sharyn’s Bio and full art collection here. 

Get into the upcoming holiday spirit with Sharyn’s seasonal silhouettes…

Try your hand at this as I will, you may find it great fun too!


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